Why do people like grey cladding?

Timber cladding has become a popular design feature in recent years. At one time, it was something that you would usually only spot on rural houses or garden sheds, but nowadays it’s being used to cover the exterior walls of all kinds of properties – from new builds to refurbished homes. It also seems that,

Why do people like pre-painted cladding?

If you’re looking for a material to clad the exterior of your house, pre-painted timber cladding makes an excellent and versatile choice. But what are the benefits of pre-painted cladding? Avoid awkward paint jobs One of the most obvious benefits is that using cladding that has already been painted means you will avoid messy, costly

Using wood for cladding inside buildings

Timber is often used for cladding the exteriors of buildings, and it’s a purpose that it’s suited to very well indeed. However, timber also makes a great choice for interior cladding. Here are just a few reasons why. It’s versatile When you’re cladding the interior of any building, versatility is a paramount concern. This is

When is it best to use timber cladding?

Timber is always a popular cladding material, as it looks beautiful and offers many benefits. But are there certain circumstances where timber cladding is best used? Are there times you should avoid using timber cladding? What do you need to consider? Timber is a highly versatile and easy to work with material, so the type