Exterior Timber Black Cladding Insect mesh



Black Cladding Insect mesh 200mm Wide x 50mtr long 18×16 gauge.


Cladding / Soffit Mesh is made from woven fibreglass yarn coated in PVC available in 18×16 gauge. Available by the Roll (50m) in a variety of widths of 200mm wide

Cladding Mesh is specified to keep insects out of the gap between external cladding and the main building structure. Also from soffits and loft spaces; anywhere that requires a free flow of air without the risk of insects gaining access.

Fixing Methods

Cladding Mesh can be stapled in place

It can also be secured with a bead of silicone. It is easy to cut


Flies, Wasps, Mosquitos, Moths and other unwanted insects.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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