Holz Prof HR – Fire Retardant Solution for Timber Cladding 5Ltr



Clear Flame Retardant For Timber
HR-Prof is suitable for internal and external timber. It has non-flammable properties which restrict ignition and the spread of flame. The product is easy to apply, possessing high diffusion properties enabling it to quickly penetrate into the surface of the substrate.

HR-Prof is typically used on cladding, log cabins, garages, summer houses, staircases, bathrooms, saunas and pool enclosures. Critical engineering properties i.e. strength, durability, hygroscopicity and corrosivity are not compromised.

Product benefits include:
Fully tested on a range of timber substrates
Fire properties will remain active for the lifetime of the substrate
Ecologically friendly
Solvent free
For internal and external use
Not broken down by water or humidity
Does not leach
Anti-fungicidal properties
Final finish can be left natural or over-coated with certain stains, varnish and paint

**It is recommended that you read the product datasheet before using the product to ensure the product meets the requirements**

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