SertiWOOD®Siberian Larch, Heartwood Natural, Rhombus or Rainscreen Profile for Cladding or Fencing (pack)



  • 28 x 70mm Planed Rhombus Rainscreen Siberian Larch SertiWOOD® Heartwood
  • Natural golden brown colour • Rhombus Rainscreen Larch slim battens •
  • Quick and easy to install •
  • Slow grown and selected for durable heartwood •
  • Can be stained, painted or treated with SertiWOOD® for a weathered aesthetic •
  • Suitable for both open and closed designs •
  • Available in long lengths •
  • Sourced from Sustainable Forests and FSC Certified •
  • Meets UK and European Cladding Regulations CE Marked to EN14915, BS1186, BS8605 •
  • Timber Quality is A/B Grade.

Our 28 x 70mm Planed Rhombus Rainscreen Wood Battens are a versatile slim profile that can be used on countless building projects, such as a cladding, open gap, reveals, doors, louvres and corners. Our slow grown Siberian Larch is durable and dense, making it one of the best available in the UK. If left to naturally to weather, this Larch will turn a beautiful silvery grey colour. Option to treat with a large selection of wood tones or simply oil to maintain its golden brown colour. No additional treatment necessary for above ground decking, fencing and cladding projects. For fixing cladding or Fencing, we recommend: Timber Cladding Stainless Steel A2 Countersunk Screws 4.0×45 or Annular Ring Stainless Steel Nails 2.65x 50mm

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Unique Profile Reference and Profile Size

Pack length (mtr)

Number of Pieces in a Pack (each)

Linear metres in a Pack

Square metres in a Pack (m2)

Approximate number of Fixings required per Pack

Environmental Certification


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