Leading Timber Suppliers Manchester, UK

Founded in 2017, Timber Focus has
rapidly grown to become one of the UK’s leading importers of speciality timber
products, sourced from the world’s most reputable sawmills. We offer the most
comprehensive range of timber products in the UK including cladding, trim,
decking, fencing, shingles, shakes, screens, fasteners, wood care and
pre-finishing service.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Manchester

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic properties. Otherwise known as timber weatherboarding or timber siding, it is an attractive and
economical way to finish the exterior of both old and new buildings.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Wales

Timber Focus are the leading supplier of
speciality timber decking products in the UK. With a range of hardwood timber
decking products suitable for all requirements. Products include our stunning
clear grade Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch and a variety of high quality

Timber Cladding Supplier in Orkney Islands

With a number of profiles available at
lengths to suit your needs in stock, Timber Focus can provide you with the best
quality hardwood decking solutions in the UK.

Timber Focus  stock a wide range of timber cladding
from the world’s leading timber processing companies including Western Red
Cedar, Siberian Larch, ThermoWood and Accoya. Our exterior wood cladding range,
most of which is either FSC or PEFC certified, has been carefully selected to
ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality at the most competitive
prices. Consider our enhanced services such as fire treatment and factory

Timber Cladding Supplier in Northern Ireland

For an environmentally friendly building
material, timber cladding is a clear leader. Using external timber cladding for
traditional and contemporary building projects is becoming increasingly popular
amongst architects and designers for both major commercial buildings and
smaller domestic properties.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Plymouth

Silva Select Prestige VG
Western Red Cedar Boards

From £4.32 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Cascadia Western Red Cedar

From £1.80 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Prestige VG
Western Red Cedar Rainscreen Cladding

From £4.32 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Prestige VG
Western Red Cedar Tongue & Groove Cladding

From £4.32 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Prestige VG Western
Red Cedar Microline Channel Cladding

From £4.32 per linear metre (ex VAT)

SILVALarch™ V-Joint
Weatherboard Cladding

From £2.51 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Western Red Cedar No. 2 Clear
V-Joint Cladding 18 x 137mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Microline Channel Cladding – 18 x 94mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Channel Cladding

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Accoya 15 x 145mm Fineline
Channel Cladding

Per Linear Metre:


exc VAT)

Accoya 15 x 145mm Chamfered
Channel Cladding

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Neolife Cladding

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

ThermoWood® Channel Cladding –
20 x 118mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

ThermoWood SAWtex Channel
Cladding – 20 x 118mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Timber Cladding Supplier in Cambridge

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Tongue & Groove Cladding – 18 x 94mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Cascadia Western Red Cedar
Tongue & Groove V-Joint Cladding – 19 x 137mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Tongue & Groove

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

ThermoWood Tongue & Groove
Cladding – 20 x 118mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Western Red Cedar SAWtex V-Joint

From £2.69 per Linear Metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Rainscreen Cladding – 18 x 94mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Rainscreen Cladding

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

SILVALarch™ Bevel Cladding

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Cascadia Western Red Cedar
Rebated Bevel Cladding – 18 x 187mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

DuPont™ Tyvek® HouseWrap®


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Shiplap Cladding

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Boards – 18 x 94mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Western Red Cedar Trim Boards
19 x 38mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Boards

From £1.38 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Corner Trim 43 x 43mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Western Red Cedar Battens 19 x

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Timber Cladding Supplier in Guernsey

Silva Select Western Red Cedar
Solid Corner Trim 43 x 43mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Corner Trim

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

SILVALarch™ Decking

From £3.79 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Ipé 1st Grade Smooth Decking 21
x 145mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Mandioqueira Smooth Hardwood
Decking 21 x 145mm – FSC Certified

Selected lengths reduced by 20%

Yellow Balau (Bangkirai)
Decking Smooth 21 x 145mm

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Yellow Balau (Bangkirai)
Decking Smooth 21 x 145mm – FSC Certified

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Neolife Decking

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Western Red Cedar Cedardeck

Per Linear Metre:


(exc VAT)

Cascadia Western Red Cedar

From £3.61 per linear metre

Western Red Cedar Cedardeck

From £7.77 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Western Red Cedar Clear
Vertical Grain Decking

From £4.95 per linear metre (ex VAT)

Timber Cladding Supplier in Jersey

Western Red Cedar Posts and
Railing Components

From £1.73 per linear metre

Universal Decking Connector


(exc VAT)

Deck Board Tie


(exc VAT)

EBTY EBE007 Mini Hidden Deck
Fastener Pack (175 per box)


(exc VAT)

Countersunk Stainless Steel
Deck Screws


(exc VAT)

Trim Head Stainless Steel Screws


(exc VAT)

Pre Cast Concrete Deck Pier /
Deck Block


(exc VAT)

Stand Off Post Base


(exc VAT)

A21 Angle Bracket


(exc VAT)

FIN/Trim Head Climatek GRK

60% off all Climatek Screws

Timber Cladding Supplier in British Isles

Timber Focus supply many different
cladding profiles ranging from your standard feather edge to a rustic style waney edge and even a shiplap profile, in a selection of hardwearing and stunning materials.

Timber cladding also
referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add an extra
dimension to a building.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Essex

Timber Focus supply many different cladding profiles ranging from your standard
feather edge to a rustic style waney
edge and even a shiplap profile, in a selection of hardwearing and stunning materials.

Timber cladding also referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add an extra
dimension to a building. Different woods can be utilised for cladding products;
they can either be treated or untreated.
We offer timbers that can be used for both
internal and external applications.

We supply both the standard weather boarding or heavier more robust cladding for longer lasting beauty and for use in heavily weather exposed

Timber Cladding Supplier in Dorset

Advantages of Timber Cladding

Main Advantages

It is a lightweight material with protective functions

It also has decorative design functions

It is quick
to install

It reduces
the size and cost of foundations

It is applicable over a wide choice of woods to suite all budgets

It has outstanding thermal properties

It has outstanding sound insulation properties

It is suitable for new build and renovation projects

It is easy
to repair.

Aesthetic Advantages

It has an attractive grain and colour

It comes in various

It is easy
to redecorate

Environmental Advantages

It is a renewable resource

It is sustainable

It has a low
carbon footprint

It can be
recycled up to the end of its life

Timber Cladding Supplier in UK

Timber Cladding Profiles

Profiled cladding is suitable for both internal and external applications. Kiln
dried cladding is used internally as it is less
inclined to shrinkage or movement, while air
dried cladding and fresh sawn profiled cladding is used for all external applications.

Cladding can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally with either
overlapping or flush faces. More commonly, the timbers are laid horizontally.

Timber Cladding

We can customise our cladding based on the client’s
specifications. Our customisation includes species, profile, fire
retardant treatment, size and grade.


For External
Half Lap Cladding and  External
Shiplap Cladding:

Hardwood (Oak)

Softwood (English Larch)

For Feather
Edge Cladding:



Black Painted Whitewood

For Fresh
Cut Waney Cladding:


English Larch


External Profiles

Internal Profiles


Available in random lengths. Customers
can also modify these lengths with our custom
cut service.


Our products come in two grades: Rebated Character Grade Oak and Character Grade V Tongue and Groove.

External and Internal

We offer both
internal and external timber cladding in different profiles, lengths and dimensions.

Internal Cladding is available
in the following timber:

Sawn Timber

Dried Timber

Dried Timber

Timber Cladding Supplier in United Kingdom

External Timber Cladding falls into the Feather
Edge Cladding category. Available in a sawn
finish and supplied in random
lengths between 1.7m to 3.6m, it can also be custom
cut. This cladding option is available in the
following woods:


Treated Softwood

English Larch

Timber Cladding Offerings

We stock a wide
range of cladding products. All have been certified and have passed the necessary standards. Here are some of our offerings:

Profiled Cladding

Edge Cladding

Feather Edge Cladding

Cut Feather Edge Boards

Fresh Cut Waney Edge

In addition, we also offer trim
boards that are used as a finishing/edging to cladding projects. They are available in freshly sawn Oak or English Larch.

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding Supplier in England

All of our products comply with the European QP1 standards and the THA or THB
standards, as approved by TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association). Sourced from various PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of
Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited sources, our products are fully compliant with responsible felling

Why are these
certifications important?

They certify that merchants are against the destruction of the forest

They certify that merchants are in favour of forest management

They certify that the merchants offer high quality products

They certify that merchants have social and environmental qualities




Timber Cladding Supplier in Kent

The finish you require for your cladding project
will not only depend on the species of timber you select, but also the profile.
From a shiplap profile for those clean lines and structured appearance, to
waney edge for that unique rustic finish, here at UK Timber Limited we offer a
vast range of different timber cladding profiles to suit all tastes, budgets
and projects in both residential and commercial settings.


Choosing the correct species for your cladding
project is of paramount importance. Not only do you want your finished project
to be visually pleasing, but you will want to ensure that your cladding is
offering you the right level of protection from the elements. Here at Timber
Focus we offer a vast range of different timber species that suit all tastes,
budgets and varying levels of weather resistance.


These trim boards can be used as a finish and/or
edging to cladding projects, soffits and facia boards.

Our trim boards are available in freshly sawn Oak
and English Larch.


Timber Cladding Supplier in Surrey

Here you will find cladding screws suitable for use
with all of our hardwood and softwood cladding boards, both treated and

Cladding Treatments

At Timber Focus we offer a vast range of treatments and oils to help our customers get the
most from their cladding. Whether you want protection from the elements to help with resistance against rot,
decay and insect attack, or if you simply want to change the colour of your cladding to suit your current mood, our
range of treatments and oils help make protecting and enhancing your timber easy. We work closely with the Treatex brand to ensure that our
cladding treatments offer great value for money without compromising on
effectiveness or quality.


13mm x 100mm
Redwood Timber V1S PTG Matchboard



19mm x 125mm
5th Redwood Timber PTG V Grooved 1 Side Matchboard Nominal



25mm x 125mm
4th Redwood Timber PTG V Grooved 1 Side



25mm x 125mm
5th Redwood Timber PTG V Grooved 2 Sides



19mm x 125mm
4th Redwood Timber Shiplap Cladding



19mm x 125mm
Green Treated Timber Shiplap



19mm x 125mm
4th Redwood Timber Weatherboard



25mm x 150mm
Arborclad Traditional Cedar Shiplap Timber Cladding



25mm x 100mm
Arborclad Traditional Cedar PTG Timber Cladding



25mm x 150mm
Arborclad Traditional Cedar PTG Timber Cladding



25mm x 150mm
Arborclad Traditional Cedar Offset Timber Cladding



50mm x 50mm
Arborclad Traditional Cedar Ext Corner Timber Mould



22m x 155mm
Arborclad Thermal Timber C6 Pattern Ash Cladding finished size



20mm x 138mm
Arborclad Thermal Timber Pine Offset Cladding finished size



25mm x 125mm
PTGV Tanalised Timber Jointed



25mm x 150mm
Arborclad Traditional Timber Larch Offset Cladding



Timber Cladding Supplier in Cheshire

What is External Timber Cladding Boards?

Sometimes referred to as Weatherboarding, Exterior
Timber Cladding Boards is a natural protection to the exterior of a property,
that is designed to reinforce it from the elements. It can also help build up a
buildings thermal and noise insulation.

The external wood cladding is most commonly
manufactured from Timber which is a popular choice for both domestic and
commercial properties.

Why is Cladding So Popular?

Timber has long had a reputation for being a
high-quality, as well as an attractive solution. However, it is also popular
because it is an environmentally friendly option that is sourced sustainably
and 100% recyclable.

Timber Cladding Supplier in London

Types of Cladding

We offer a Traditional and Thermal Wooden Cladding
range. The Traditional range includes:



Western Red Cedar

The Thermal range includes:





Clear Pine

As members of the TDCA (Timber Decking and Cladding
Association), Timber Focus  is
wholly committed to supplying the highest quality, sustainable timber cladding
products, including innovative solutions such as the ArborClad range. Working
with industry leading manufacturers alongside their own specialist
manufacturing facilities, the ArborClad range is perfect for any application,
from domestic and commercial to refurbishment.

Timber cladding is an increasingly
popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic properties.
Otherwise known as timber weatherboarding or  timber siding, it is an
attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both old and new
buildings. Naturally durable woods such as larch and cedar provide a hard
wearing, protective layer against the elements and they are excellent

Timber Cladding Supplier in Wales

Many different species of wood are suitable
for exterior timber cladding because of their natural resistance to decay.
Traditional British timbers such as oak, elm, sweet chestnut, western red cedar
and larch have been used as timber cladding for hundreds of years to protect
houses from the elements. Imported timbers such as Canadian western red cedar and
Siberian larch are increasingly being specified for cladding where a more
modern, contemporary appearance is desired.

The various timber species we offer for
cladding are available in a range of profiles from the more rustic
waney-edge and feather-edge to the clean lines of machined shiplap and halflap.

Within this section you will find a
wealth of information about selecting timber cladding species, board dimensions
and profiles. You will also find pricing information to help you cost your
cladding project as well as advice and diagrams to help you fix the boards

If you would like any further
information about our range of timber cladding, or you require samples, please
call or email and we will do our best to help.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Scotland

Redwood Treated Shiplap Cladding
Standard 19mm x 150mm Finished Size 14.5mm x 144mm


per metre

Redwood Treated Shiplap Cladding
Standard 19mm x 125mm (Fin Size 14.5mm x 119mm)


per metre

Redwood Shiplap Cladding 19mm x 125mm
(Finished size 14.5mm x 119mm)


per metre

Redwood Rebated Shiplap Cladding Std
25mm x 150mm Finished Size 20.5mm x 144mm


per metre

Travis Perkins Redwood Tongue and
Grooved V Jointed Matchboard Standard 12.5mm x 100mm


Shiplap Redwood Standard 19mm x 150mm
(Finished Size 14.5mm x 144mm)


Pine T&G Weatherboard 14.5mm x
144mm (Cover 137mm) – Scotland Only


Timber Focus Softwood Shiplap Cladding

From £3.68

Timber Focus General Purpose
Softwood Cladding 14x94x1800mm


Timber Focus Softwood Shiplap
Cladding 12x121x2400mm

From £5.25

Timber Focus General Purpose
Softwood Cladding 14x94x2400mm


Timber Focus Fully Finished MDF
Cladding 12 x 94 x 900mm


Shiplap Cladding 12x121x1800mm

From £3.68

Timber Focus Softwood Shiplap Cladding 12x121x1800mm

From £3.68

Timber Focus General Purpose Softwood Cladding


General Purpose Softwood
Cladding 14x94x1800mm


Softwood Shiplap Cladding


From £3.68

Focus General Purpose Softwood Cladding 14x94x1800mm £12.06


Timber cladding with a highly
attractive and durable external finish

SILA A/B® 143 x 25, 100 x 25 and 42 x
25mm in vertical open rainscreen arrangement

Timber cladding provides a highly
attractive and durable external finish which is renewable, reusable,
biodegradable and contains minimal embodied energy.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Birmingham

Timber Focus have extensive
experience in advising clients on material selection and careful detailing,
which are key to ensuring that every project looks fantastic, and meets its
performance objectives.

From our sawmill in the Scottish
Highlands we manufacture cladding to each client’s specification, with a wide
range of customisation options including: species, profile, fire retardant
treatment, size and grade. We also have an in-house state-of-the-art coating
facility, where we can vacuum coat cladding in the colour of your choice, in
order to produce a consistent finish which will last.

In order to decide which species of
cladding is most appropriate for your project, please go to the comparison table.
You can then look at further details on each species by going to the product

Cladding Products

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Scotlarch® Cladding

A selected grade of Scottish Larch
which is locally-sourced

View product details Add to Lightbox

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Siberian Larch (SILA) Cladding

A popular choice due to its aesthetic
beauty and excellent durability

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Thermopine Cladding

Thermally Treated Timber Cladding
with enhanced stability & durability

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Vertical Grain Siberian Larch

Naturally durable and aesthetically

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Architect Select® Western Red Cedar

A beautiful, stable and naturally
durable product

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Accoya® Cladding

Timber Cladding Supplier in Liverpool

A modified timber with outstanding
dimensional stability

Product specification guide: advances
in treatment and preservation are increasing timber’s sustainability

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is more popular than ever
– but how do you get it right? Our guide reveals all

Which Timber is Best?

Western redcedar is among the most
popular softwoods used today. Aside from its relatively knot-free, ‘clean’
appearance, this softwood has a natural resistance to decay and moisture
absorption, meaning it can typically be installed without treatment. It’s also
the most stable of the softwoods, subject to little movement when installed.

If you did hope to apply a finish,
its low resin content means it can be readily stained or painted. Added to this
is the fact it can be worked to create a variety of profiles. But one downside
is that it has a comparatively low density, which means it can be dented if
knocked. It is imported from Canada and sometimes America, but increasingly grown
here too (check the durability of the latter which can be a little lower than
that of imported).

Whole life costing – Timber cladding

Timber cladding is an attractive and
sustainable option
for external walls.

commonly available options and their whole life costs.


Increasingly timber cladding is specified as the weathering envelope for walls.
Timber is renewable, reusable, biodegradable and it has minimal embodied
energy. This should be balanced against transport costs, the need to use
chemical preservatives for some timbers and a shorter service life than
material such as masonry.

There are many reasons why timber deteriorates, but the main cause of failure
is fungal decay where moisture content within timbers is in excess of 20%.

BS EN 335 classifies the in-service environment for timber into five hazard
classes to enable specifiers to assess how likely timber is to deteriorate in a
given situation. External timber cladding is in Use Class 3 because its
moisture levels frequently exceed 20%. This means some timber species will
require preservative treatment. BS 8417, which covers the preservation of
timbers, draws on a suite of European standards to enable selection of timbers
and the type of preservative treatment necessary, for design service lives of
60, 30 or 15 years in different hazard classes.

• Timber’s natural durability is determined to BS EN 350
• The need for treatment for different Use classes is determined to BS EN 460.
• BS EN 351-1 defines the penetration and retention needed to give a desired
service life with a preservative treatment to BS EN 599.

The heartwood of timbers which are classed as ‘durable’, and ‘moderately
durable’ do not need preservative treatment for external wall cladding. Timbers
that are classified as ‘slightly durable’ do require preservative treatment.
All sapwood require treatment.

Timbers not requiring preservative treatment

red cedar is a ‘durable’ timber from North
America. It may be coated with oil to maintain its appearance, with the
associated regular costs of recoating.

Larch is ‘moderately durable’. UK-grown larch, larch from
Siberia or regions where trees are slow-growing and older than 60 years have a
similar expected service life with a similar age and growth pattern. The
density of larch is between 470 kg/m˛ and 650 kg/m˛ at 12% moisture content.
This gives larch a better resistance to impact compared with western red cedar,
which has a density of 330-390 kg/m˛.

fir from North America is ‘moderately durable’. However. BRE
Digest 494 recommends that UK-grown Douglas fir be classified ‘slightly
durable’ and given preservative treatment.

oak is a ‘durable’ hardwood. Oak is more expensive and needs
to be specified carefully to minimise its tendency to warp. Shorter lengths are
recommended as well as fixing shortly after being cut at the sawmill. Hardwoods
may require fixing with screws through pre-drilled holes, which increases
installation costs.

Timbers requiring preservative treatment

Fir and Pine: These non-durable species require
preservative treatment. Typically this will be by pressure impregnation of
chemicals with preservative properties such as boron or organic solvents.

modified timber is an alternative to chemically
treated timber. A controlled heat treatment to temperatures over 200°C confers
improved durability and stability to timber, typically European redwood (Pinus
sylvestris).Expected service life for thermally modified, uncoated timber
cladding is 30 years.

pine from Canada is a ‘moderately’ to ‘slightly durable’
softwood, which is treated with preservative and coated in a high-performance
paint system at the manufacturing plant. Expected period to first maintenance
is 15 years and there after every 3 – 5 years.

whitewood is a generic term that includes
spruce and fir. These are ‘slightly durable’. Preservative treatment is
required to give a service life 5 to 10 years. With a well-maintained paint
system expected lives can be extended to up to 30 years.

Durability issues

Design strategies can enhance durability by reducing the risk of wetting and
removing moisture promptly:

• Protect from rainwater with large eaves overhangs
• Terminate the cladding at least 150mm above ground levels, preferably 250mm
• Ensure cladding is not directly in contact with porous materials
• Include a well ventilated and drained cavity behind the cladding. This should
be at least 19mm wide
• Moisture content of the timbers should be between 13 – 19% , less for
heat-treated timber
• Seal end grain
• Allow sufficient gap between cladding sections to prevent capillary paths;
5mm is recommended
• Use stainless steel fixings

The Timber Research and Development Association and BRE provide detailed good
practice guidance.

Timber Cladding Supplier in Ireland


We are a specialist manufacturer of
wood cladding with over 40 years of experience. All of our timber cladding products
are produced in the U.K or through our partner in Switzerland Sweden Estonia the range includes

MicroShades ‘Brunnea’ Redwood Timber

‘Brunnea’ Redwood Timber Cladding

PEFC/ FSC Certified

Imported from Scandinavia

Typical lengths from 2.1m –

Available in 3 live knot grades (A+,
A, B)

‘Brunnea’ Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding

PEFC Certified

Imported from Canada

Many boards supplied are clear of

Available in 2 live knot grades

Siberian Larch Timber Cladding

FSC Certified

Imported from Russia

Typically 4.0m lengths

Available in 3 live knot grades (A+,
A, B)

Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding

PEFC Certified

Imported from Canada

Many boards supplied are clear of

Available in 2 live knot grades

Homegrown Larch Timber Cladding

FSC Certified

Grown in the United Kingdom

Low Carbon Footprint

Faster grown than imported species,
large and frequent knots along the length

Homegrown Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding

FSC Certified

Grown in the United Kingdom

Low Carbon Footprint

Faster grown than imported species,
large and frequent knots along the length

Painted Timber Cladding

FSC Certified

Swiss White Fir

Premium coatings applied, warranties

Sioo:X Coating

Sioo:X is a safe, natural and
sustainable technology for the protection of wood both outdoors and indoors.

Applied in house via automated
Spray Line

Scroll through the images for our
weathered and newly coated examples.

Overview of Timber Focus (the home of Natural Timber Cladding in the
UK) supply:Timber Cladding including Western
Red Cedar Cladding, Cedar Cladding and Cedar Shingles

Timber Focus , based in the UK, are nationwide suppliers of a complete
range of Timber, including Timber Cladding products for weatherboading, and
are specialist suppliers of Western Red Cedar Cladding , Western Red Cedar
Decking, Western Red Cedar Shingles, Western Red Cedar Panels and Louvre
Blades / Bris-Soleil systems, Cape Cod – Finished Wood Siding, Western Red
Cedar Shingles for roofing and cladding, Siberian Larch Cladding, Thermowood
for Cladding, Decking, Louvre Blades and Brise Soleil, Sweet Chestnut for
decking and cladding, Accoya ® sidings and facades, Accoya decking (ACCOYA ®
and the Trimarque Device are registered trademarks owned by Titan Wood
Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accsys Technologies PLC, and may not be
reproduced without written permission.), Timber Louvres, Home Grown Larch
Cladding, Hardwood Cladding, European Oak for external cladding, Douglas Fir,
Cumuru, Red Louro,Protac  Sivalbp,
Parklex Facade, Cedar Shingles & Cedar Shakes, Oak Shakes and Chestnut
Timber Focus are a major UK Timber Cladding supplier of weatherboarding, Red
Cedar, Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes on a nationwide basis.
Timber Focus can provide timber which is fire retardant under classifications
of Euroclass B and Euroclass C, factory coated opaque or translucent stain
with treatments from Sikkens, Omnia, Morrells, Sigma and Zobel.
Vincent Timber supply timber to a very wide range of users and we work very
closely with Architects. Some of the main markets sectors to which we supply
timber are the Building Industry, Exhibition Stand Contractors, the Packing
Industry, the Trailer Manufacturing, Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilding and
Haulage Industries where the vehicle bodybuilders use Phenolic plywoods,
Metal Faced plywoods, slip resistant plywoods and keruing flooring.
Timber Focus is at the fore-front of the campaign to protect the environment
as illustrated by the fact that the company was only the 2nd company in the
UK to be awarded Chain of Custody for CSA and SFI to cover Western Red Cedar.
Timber Focus are members of TRADA and have appointed them as the company’s
auditors and advisors on their implementation of their “Chain of
Custody”. Currently, Timber Focus has Chain of Custody for: FSC® (Forest
Stewardship Council) PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest
Certification) CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and SFI (Sustainable
Forestry Initiative).

Timber cladding has been used for
centuries due to its durability.

Choose from a range of attractive external
cladding profiles (shapes) to achieve a range of looks on your building from
traditional to extremely modern.

Western Red
Cedar Feather Edge Claddin

Western Red Cedar Feather Edge Cladding has very
few knots and a mixture of colours. It is extremely durable.

estern Red
Cedar Tongue and Groove Cladding

Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove is a
mixture of reds, browns and creams with very few knots.

Western Red
Cedar Shiplap Cladding

Western Red Cedar has warm reds, browns and
creams with few knots and uniform, straight lines.

Western Red
Cedar Rainshield Cladding

Canadian Western Red Cedar Rainshield Cladding is
extremely durable with a mixture of warm, red and brown colours.

Product Description

What’s the secret behind Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding’s

“In short, Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding is good value, looks
great and can last a lifetime.”

Instant prices for cladding and
secure online checkout. It’s obvious that the building industry is picking up
again. Sales of Western Red Cedar Cladding are climbing at a fantastic rate.
Why is it so popular?

In short, Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding is
good value, looks great and can last a lifetime.

Cedar, a softwood, is highly
resistant to decay, as well as resistant to splitting and movement once fitted.

Canadian Western Red’s Colour

When first installed, this timber
cladding is a warm reddish-brown colour. If left untreated, it turns the
classic silver colour over a number of years, depending on how much direct
sunlight it receives.

Red Cedar’s Service Life

With regards to durability, Red
Cedar, without any form of treatment, has been known to last up to 60 years!

Cedar Cladding Quality

Timber Focus Western Red Cedar is
machined to order. The grade, “Clear and Better” is the highest grade of cedar
that we can source. There are virtually no knots and if there are any, they
will only be small.

profiles are available
to buy above

Timber Cladding Profiles

Timber Focus offers 10 different
cladding profiles.

From our range, the Tongue and Groove
machined profiles are the most popular timber cladding, particularly ICW1,
closely followed by Rainshield. The machined profiles give a modern look to a
traditional material. The machined profiles are supplied in lengths between 2
and 4 metres.

The fresh sawn Feather Edge profiles
allow for your choice of overlap and are therefore the most flexible at the
time of fitting. This cladding is supplied in lengths of 2.44m (8′) and longer.

Western Red Cedar Pricing

For the benefits it offers, this
timber is very competitively priced. If you click the price comparison button,
you’ll see that there are cheaper timbers available, but none of them have the
durability of the cedar.

Timber Focuses Timber’s Product Code
for this item is IW-18-24. A grade-specific code can be found below.

From: £5.41 per metre (Feather edged,
logged in for discount)
from:  Timber
Focus  Condition: New, supplied to your requirements. Availability: Available for order.

Timber Cladding

With timber being increasingly
specified as the material of choice for exterior and interior cladding, we
would like to show you some of the great range that Timber Focus can offer.

Timber Focus offers a range of timber cladding providing an attractive,
versatile and durable external finish. With its excellent environmental credentials timber is increasingly becoming first choice for cladding.

Why use Timber for Cladding?
Not only does it look good, enhancing the external appearance of any building,
it makes it more interesting and pleasing to the eye. The versatility of timber
means it can be produced to almost any requirement. With ageing and weathering,
timber gradually changes colour to an attractive silver-grey. Alternatively it
can be treated
or stained to individual taste.

Some hardwoods and softwoods such as Western Red Cedar, Larch and Douglas Fir
are naturally resistant to decay. Less durable species such as European Redwood
can be preservative treated to prolong life in service.

Along with durability and a long service life, timber cladding’s natural
properties offer improved acoustic and thermal conductivity performance.

Timber cladding is attractive,
versatile, environmentally friendly, allows for great creativity, flexible in
design and can be used for any scale of project.

Every branch of Timber Focus , along with its timber division, Timber Focus was awarded
Chain of Custody certification through BM TRADA-TRAK in November 2018. This enables us to offer you fully
certified FSC® and PEFC on an ever increasing range of products, and covers
softwoods, hardwoods, sheet materials and engineered wood products.
Our Chain of Custody certification underlines Timber Focus’s commitment to the
environment. The company continues to work with all suppliers with the aim of
expanding this portfolio, and is fully committed to the Responsible Purchasing

At Timber Focus our stocked claddings
are from European Redwood (Pine) or European Whitewood (Spruce), but from time
to time the Architect may specify a more specialised species of timber cladding
like Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch or Thermowood. Taking this into
consideration we would like to give you an insight into all these alternatives,
explaining the features of each.

Scandanavian Softwood Cladding
European Redwood and Whitewood are perfectly suitable
for interior cladding and external cladding when treated with timer
preservative, paint of stain.

Western Red Cedar
WR Cedar is usually imported from Canada, and is
available either Kiln Dried or Green (sometimes referred to as Air Dried) and
is mainly used for Shiplaps, Channel Cladding, Tongue, Grooved and ‘V’-jointed
Matching or PAR. You can also get a British Grown alternative version that will
be predominately Fresh Sawn, which is faster grown and is mainly used for
Featheredge or Waney Edge Boards. One of the prominent features of WR Cedar is
its colour variability ranging from cream through salmon pink to dark chocolate
brown and all shades in-between, it may also alternate from light to dark zones
across the board. This colour will fade over time to a silver-grey colour when
exposed to moisture and ultraviolet light; this is often referred to as
weathering ±.

Because these products are Durable no further
treatment will be required, the exception would be for Fire Retardant
treatments such as Non-Com or Dri-Con (or alternatives like Fire-X and
FirePro). ± To reduce the silver-grey colouring effect of moisture and
ultraviolet light an application of a surface finish that includes a pigment,
which may be translucent or opaque, will help maintain the natural colour
longer. An opaque finish will provide the best protection. This will need to be
part of on-going planned maintenance performed on the cladding.

Siberian Larch
Larch is usually imported from Siberia to Mongolia
and Northern China, and is available Kiln Dried and is mainly used for
Shiplaps, Channel Cladding, Tongue, Grooved and ‘V’- jointed Matching or PAR.
You can also get a British Grown alternative version that will be predominately
Fresh Sawn which is faster grown and is mainly used for Featheredge or Waney
Edge Boards. Due to the high resin content it needs to be dried slowly, the
loss of resin can still happen even after installation. Because it is prone to
splitting it is advisable to pre-drill pilot holes for any fixings (especially
near to the edges and ends of the boards), which are recommended to be
stainless steel to help avoid rust stains.The heartwood of the Larch is pale
red-brown to brick red in colour, with clearly marked annual rings. This
contrasts sharply from the sapwood that is narrow and lighter-coloured. This
colour will fade over time to a silver-grey colour when exposed to moisture and
ultraviolet light; this is often referred to as weathering ±.

Thermowood D Redwood and Thermowood D Whitewood are
mainly used for Shiplaps, Channel Cladding, Tongue, Grooved and ‘V’-jointed
Matching or PAR. Thermowood has a dark appearance and the aroma of burnt wood,
this is a consequence of the high temperature the timber is subjected to (up to
212°C). The process causes the timber to become brittle and it may also have
some end splits, face checks (especially down the pith), and some
cracked/broken knots. This colour will fade over time to a silver-grey colour
when exposed to moisture and ultraviolet light, this is often referred to as
weathering ±.

Timber Cladding Frequently Asked

Q. What is Timber cladding?
A. Also known as Weatherboards, Timber cladding offers an attractive,
environmentally friendly and natural finish to the exterior of a property.

Q. What are the benefits to Timber Cladding?
A. Timber Cladding is becoming more and more popular thanks to it being an
attractive, durable and environmentally friendly product which can also improve
noise and thermal insulation of the building. The lightweight nature of Timber
Cladding also makes installation quick and effective when compared to more
traditional methods.

Q. What cladding options do Timber Focus offer?
A. Timber Focus offer a great range of exterior and interior cladding including
Scandinavian Softwood, Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, European Oak as well
as Thermowood and Accoya Wood to mention just a few – contact your local branch
to discuss your cladding needs.

Q. Do you offer preservative treatments or fire protection
for the Timber Cladding?

A. Yes, thanks to Timber Focus own timber preservation plants we are able to
offer a number of different preservative treatments and fire retardant
treatments. Find more information on the different treatments that are

Q. What are FSC & PEFC?
A. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council and the PEFC is the Programme for the
Endorsement of Forest Certification. Both FSC and PEFC are committed to
achieving the certification of forests to credible, independently verified
standards of responsible forest management. Find more information on FSC and

For any other questions please contact us at info@timberfocus.com

Planed Timber Standard Redwood
Shiplap 19 x 125mm Nom 14.5 x 120mm Fin

Product Code: T8401629

Ex VAT per £3.06 Inc VAT per

Landscape Batten PAR eased 4 edges
brown Treated 25 x 100mm

Product Code: T8405879

Ex VAT per £3.80 Inc VAT per

Landscape Batten PAR eased 4 edges
Green Treated 25 x 100mm

Product Code: T8405878

Ex VAT per £3.80 Inc VAT per

Landscape Batten PAR eased 4 edges
brown Treated 25 x 50mm

Product Code: T8405877

Ex VAT per £1.88 Inc VAT per

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Landscape Batten PAR eased 4 edges
Green Treated 25 x 50mm

Product Code: T8405841

Ex VAT per £1.88 Inc VAT per

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Redwood Cladding Loglap 19x100mm Nom 15x94mm

Product Code: T8401500

Ex VAT per £1.97 Inc VAT per

Bead/Butt MDF 9x2440x1220mm V313 MR Primed

Product Code: S7700180

Ex VAT per £60.22 Inc VAT per

Bead/Butt MDF 9x1220x2440mm V313 MR Primed

Product Code: S7700179

Ex VAT per £60.22 Inc VAT per

Type 2 Breather Building Paper Blue 1000mm x 100mtr

Product Code: BB012001

Ex VAT per £115.02 Inc VAT per

TG&V Matching Cladding, 16 x
125mm Nom 11.5 x 120mm Fin

Product Code: T8405058

Ex VAT per £2.03 Inc VAT per

TG&V Shiplap Cladding 16 x 125mm
Nom 11.5 x 120mm Fin

Product Code: T8405059

Ex VAT per £2.03 Inc VAT per

When Timber Focus timber cladding is
uncoated, it will weather over time to a beautiful shade of silver-grey,
providing a subtle, natural look which blends in to the natural environment.

All external building materials
change over time, and wood is no exception. As it is a highly durable building
material, cladding boards are expected to last for over 50 years but, during
this time, the wood will age or, as it is known in the industry, weather. This
weathering process will change the surface appearance of the boards and,
potentially, the overall look of the building.

timber, irrespective of species, will
eventually weather when exposed to its natural environment. As long as this is
understood by architects, builders and clients, it can be considered as part of
the overall project rationale.

The weathering process

When timber is exposed outdoors
without a protective coating the surface undergoes rapid changes to both its
appearance and its texture, as a result of exposure to both sunlight and

The first observable effect is often
a temporary brown staining, as extracts in the timber rise to the surface where
they oxidise. Sunlight then photo-degrades the wood surface and, along with
moisture, enables stain fungi to grow and the timber surface to grey. The shade
of grey will vary according to the duration and intensity of wetting. In
parallel with this, the surface of the timber will roughen, with some check
marks likely to appear. These effects, which are the result of sunlight, water,
mechanical forces and heat, characterise the process of weathering.

It is important to note that
weathering is a normal and healthy process in timber, and should not be
confused with the fungal decay, which can sometimes be observed in timber
cladding which has been incorrectly installed. Fungal decay is the result of
extended periods of wetting, which have allowed fungi to break down the timber.

Timber, when correctly detailed, will
weather beautifully, with its appearance varying dependent on the quantity of
moisture on the surface (when it is wet, the timber will appear darker in

Factors influencing weathering

Building location

​In areas of high rainfall some
timber cladding installations can turn grey in just a few months, whilst in
drier areas the process is likely to be slower. Similarly, south-west facing
walls weather relatively fast, due to their exposure to sunlight, whereas north
facing walls tend to weather more slowly, but uniformly.

Building design

The design of a building also
determines how it will weather, as the form and shape influences the impact
that wind-driven rain will have on it. For example, buildings without eaves
tend to get wettest at the top, particularly at the outer corners, so this may
result in these areas weathering more quickly than other parts of the wall. If
there are eaves then uneven weathering can occur (unless the eaves shelter the
entire wall) as sunlight will be unable to reach the areas under these eaves.

There may also be areas which, due to
the design of the building, are subject to splashing – this can also lead
to the wood weathering faster in these areas.

Over time, the entire building (unless
completely sheltered from the elements) will weather to the same colour, and
will remain the same silver-grey colour for years to come

Timber species

As all Timber Focus cladding species
are naturally durable, they can all be left to weather and will end up as a
consistent shade of grey (unless the orientation or design of the façade
prevents this). The only exception to this is Accoya® wood;
which we would recommend vacuum coating in
all instances.

Different species will weather at
different rates, and result in slightly different shades, dependent on their
durability and density properties. For further information about a particular
species, please go to the product pages or speak to our technical team.

Prevention of weathering

Timber weathering is often viewed as
a very attractive characteristic of timber cladding as it demonstrates that the
product is natural and, over time, the silver-grey shade will allow the
building to blend into its environment. The only way to avoid weathering is to
apply a clear or coloured coating to the timber, which will require to be re-applied every few years over
the life of the timber. Clear coatings will preserve the original colour of the
timber, whilst coloured coatings can be applied in a colour of your choosing.

Timber Cladding Machined and
Delivered Throughout the UK​

We specialise in milling timber
cladding and offer unrivalled quality, expertise and customer service. We can
also deliver promptly to site giving accurate delivery times. We usually call
customers as we get close to the address to keep them fully informed. We do not
use couriers.

Timber cladding prices are based on
quantity, please contact us for a very competitive quotation.

There are clearance offers priced
from £25.00 per square metre.




Timber Focus are experts in imported
timber from all around Europe and we also source sustainable home-grown timber
from the United Kingdom. All of our timber has full chain of custody.





Post & Beam


Engineered Timber

Our engineered wood products are used
in a variety of applications, from home construction to commercial buildings to
industrial applications. The products can be used for joists and beams
that replace steel in many instances.








Timber Focus is a family own business
for over 90 years and a leading supplier of timber. All of our timber has a
full chain of custody and we can provide quality services such as CNC
detailing, CNC moulding and finger jointing. No project is too small or
too big for us; whether it be a self-build project or a
commercial building, Timber Focus has the products, machinery, expertise
and personnel to deliver a unique and quality end result








sustainable, cost effective, aesthetically pleasing


The choice of timber species
available is as varied as the profiles. However, attention should not only be
paid to the durability of the timber but, in particular, the detailing of the
profile, as both need to be considered in order to ensure longevity of
performance. Timber Focus can offer the following;

MULTIPLE SPECIES; Siberian Larch, Western red cedar, Sweet
Chestnut, European Larch,Oak, Whitewood

Multiple profiles; standard and
bespoke profiles TG&V











Adding a protective coating such as
colour will increase the longevity of your cladding. We can quote for any RAL
colour of your choosing. Check out the protective oils exclusive to ABODO


Want your cladding to stand out when
the sun shines down on it? Ask about our variety of free of charge additional
surface textures that we can apply to the your cladding; ranging from smooth to


Don’t want to spend hours on site
cutting to the exact lengths and zero waste? The answer is our finger jointing
service. Ask about this service where we can finger joint up to 12m lengths

Timber Focus has extensive experience
in advising clients on material selection and careful detailing, which is key
to ensuring that every project looks fantastic, and meets its performance
objectives. If you require a species that isn’t mentioned please don’t hesitate
to get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements

How to use Timber Cladding

Timber cladding has become a popular
material with architects, designers and construction companies. It creates
economic, sustainable, attractive and functional buildings that help drive
innovation in building projects.

If you’re thinking of using timber
cladding, it can sometimes be overwhelming looking through all the different
options and possibilities. For more details on how to use timber cladding in your
own building project, contact one of our experts today for a chat.

Before using timber cladding, it’s
important to understand some of the opportunities available with such a
material and how you can ensure you use cladding effectively.

So how can you use timber cladding

Take Advantage of cladding’s benefits

Timber cladding is a useful material
for so many reasons. It is easy to machine and work with, which means it lends
itself to creative and unique designs. If you’re thinking of using cladding,
then why not get the help of an architect and take your building project to the
next level.

Timber cladding is easy to machine so
it is possible to create structures that utilize more curves and flowing
shapes. This can help a building blend into its surroundings.

Use it to create and utilize space

Due to the ease of modification,
timber cladding can be adapted very effectively. This means adding customised
and personalised additions into a design is a lot easier and cheaper. This
means that you can utilize timber cladding in more functional designs that
solve a problem. If you’re working with limited space, cladding can help create
more space. It isn’t difficult to add extensions and shapes coming out of the
cladding to provide a more suitable design. This can provide extra storage or
space which in turn can help create a building that is better suited for its
end use.

This also makes cladding perfect for
building extensions on established buildings. Cladding provides opportunities
to build additional features to a home or building in a cost effective and
simple way.

Ensure you pick the right kind of species and cladding type

To ensure you get the most out of
your timber cladding and use it effectively, you need to make sure you have
utilized the best type of cladding and timber species.

Different species of timber will
behave slightly differently and there will be one type that is most suited to
any given building project.

Western Red Cedar (below left) and Siberian Larch (below right) are examples of very popular species for timber cladding as they
are easy to work with, don’t require preservative treatment and provide a
sustainable material that lasts the test of time. For a full breakdown on the
different timber species available,

Once you’ve decided on a timber
species, you have the option to pick a specific type of cladding. Different cladding
options will provide slightly different finishes to your cladding. Shiplap and
Tongue and Groove are popular options as they are easy to install and provide
professional looking cladding.

Protect and Maintain

It’s important to protect and coat
the timber cladding to ensure it is protected against rot, moisture and

There are a variety of different
types of coatings that offer slightly different benefits and finishes. This
will also affect the appearance of the cladding so it’s good to think about
this in the planning and designing stages.

Don’t neglect what surrounds the cladding

To get the most out of any building
material, it’s often worth thinking about how that material will sit with the
surrounding environment. By paying attention to the detail and making sure the
cladding works well with its surroundings, you can create something even more

Using materials that create a clear,
bold contrast, or conversely, trying to use plants and trees to blend the
building into nature, can help turn an average build into something that has a
lasting impression on its local area.

Look at examples for ideas

Timber cladding has been used in
construction for many years and there are lots of amazing examples of
architects and builders using cladding in creative and innovative ways. By
looking through these examples, you can get a better feel for all the different
type of opportunities and possibilities you can achieve with timber cladding.

Final Thoughts

Timber cladding is a fantastic
building material with plenty of scope to create innovative buildings. By
ensuring you use timber cladding effectively, you can make sure you get the
most out of your building and create something both stunning and functional.

For help in deciding how to use
timber cladding effectively in your building project

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Cladding (T)7.5mm (W)95mm (L)1800mm, Pack of 5


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Cladding (T)7.5mm (W)95mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5


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Smooth Cladding
(T)7.5mm (W)95mm (L)890mm, Pack of 10


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890mm cladding

Geom cladding

plywood hardwood sheets

roofing materials sheet

moulding mdf

cladding panels outdoor garden

C16 Treated
carcassing timber (T)45mm (W)70mm (L)2400mm Pack

constructional applications both internally & externally where a grade
stamp is specified such as: house extensions, loft conversions, floor joists
above DPC & suspended decking joists Treated to help prolong the timber’s
life and protect against rot or insect attack Slow grown & kiln dried to

View more

Limestone Cladding (L)2400 mm (W)250 mm (T)10

10mm gap
required between panel and light fittings Withstands temperatures up to 60°C
Durable and will not discolour

View more

Plywood Sheet (Th)5mm (W)1220mm (L)2440mm

This Plywood
sheet can be used for Wall sheathing, flooring, roofing, general construction
and renovation work Wall sheathing, flooring, roofing, general construction and
renovation work When used externally all faces and edges should be treated with
an appropriate preserver This product is included in our free …

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MDF D shape
moulding (T)6mm (W)30mm (L)2400mm

It is
prefinished for quick and easy installation It is easy to fix using pins or
adhesive depending on the end use A cost-effective solution to mend and cover
rough edges and add a decorative touch to unfinished and ugly edges and corners

Exterior timber cladding and

timber cladding is a popular facade that can add warmth to a building and
provide a sustainable option over brick or alternative finishes. At Timber
Focus, our exterior wall claddings include ThermoWood® cladding
and softwood cladding.

Both our ThermoWood® claddings and
softwood claddings are sourced from well managed and sustainable forests, are
PEFC certified, and are available from stockists nationwide. To find out more
about ThermoWood® and Softwood claddings and the available profiles, click on
the options below.

ThermoWood® exterior cladding

Timber Focus ThermoWood® exterior
cladding is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce to
temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. The resulting product is an
altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal material for use in exposed
areas such as external wall claddings and rainscreens. At Timber Focus , we
have a range of standard and special order profiles which are popular in
commercial applications. View our  ThermoWood Cladding profiles.

Softwood exterior cladding

Timber Focus Softwood exterior
cladding is kiln dried for increased durability and machined with precision.
This gives flexibility on the finish and style you want to achieve as it can be
stained, varnished, painted and treated. At Timber Focus, we have a range of
standard profiles to choose from. View our Softwood Cladding profiles.

Timber Cladding. At Timber Focus in Ireland all of our cladding is environmentally sustainable, low
carbon, thermally efficent and aesthetically pleasing material that provides an
effective decorative covering for external building facades and interiors.


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Barrel Board
– Loglap Treated 120x17mm x 4.8 Metre

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Barrel Board
– Loglap Treated 120x17mm x 5.4 Metre

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Barrel Board
– Loglap Treated 144x30mm x 4.8 Metre

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Cladding Board Treated & Smooth 144mm x 18mm 4.8M

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Western Red
Cedar TGV Cladding 94x18mm 2.75Mtr (4×1″ by 9ft)

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Western Red
Cedar TGV Cladding 94x18mm 3.06Mtr (4×1″ by 10ft)

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Western Red
Cedar TGV Cladding 94x18mm 3.36Mtr (4×1″ by 11ft)

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Western Red
Cedar TGV Cladding 94x18mm 3.65Mtr (4×1″ by 12ft)

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Red Cedar PAO
44x44mm 2.45mtr (2×2″ x 8ft)

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Red Cedar PAO
44x44mm 3.36mtr (2×2″ x 11ft)

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Red Cedar L
Angle 44x44mm 2.44mtr (2×2″ x 8ft)

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Red Cedar L
Angle 44x44mm 2.75mtr (2×2″ x 9ft)

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Larch TGV Cladding 94x18mm 3.05Mtr (4×1″ by 10ft)

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Larch TGV Cladding 94x18mm 4.05Mtr (4×1″ by 13ft)

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Focus in  Ireland Profiles

We provide a range of standard
cladding profiles including secret nail (tongue and groove), face fix, shiplap
and many others. If you cannot find the profile you are looking for here,
contact a member of our sales team info@timberfocus.com

Timber Focus is the leading
manufacturer and supplier of Timber Cladding in Ireland. We manufacturer our
Cladding in our own factory and every board of cladding is CE Marked in
accordance with EN 14915:2006 Solid Wood Cladding. We can machine a wide range
of naturally durable species including Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch,
DuraWood, Accoya, European Oak and Iroko. Our range, most of which is either
FSC™ or PEFC certified, has been carefully selected to ensure that it meets the
highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices. We can also offer
in-house services such as fire treatment and pre-treatments and pre-finishing.

Timber Cladding Showroom is available to visit (by appointment) where a full
range of timber profiles and species can be viewed and the finer details of
your project can be discussed with our Cladding experts.

Why use timber cladding?

Timber Cladding is
a contemporary, yet classic solution to exterior building finishes. Few
man-made materials can match the quality of beautiful and natural
wood. Timber is a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and
endlessly practical and is also the world’s only natural renewable construction
resource. Timber cladding is a popular option where attractive appearance is
important along with durability and resistence to weather. Corell Timber’s
claddings are machined from Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Accoya, Iroko,
Heat Treated Softwoods & Hardwoods, European Oak.

Timber cladding offers designers a
unique combination of practical, aesthetic and environmental advantages:

Practical advantages

It’s a lightweight material offering
protective and decorative design functions

Dry installation means external
envelope is quicker to install

Elimination of heavy masonry outer
walls reduces size and cost of foundations.

Cladding panels may be factory
pre-fabricated complete with insulation and breather membrane.

Wide choice of softwoods, hardwoods
and modified woods to suite all budgets.

Performance easily enhanced by
preservative treatment, wood modification, flame retardants and surface

Outstanding thermal and sound
insulation properties

Suitable for both new build and
renovation projects

Ease of repair

Aesthetics advantages

Timber is a natural material, warm
and comforting

It is attractive in grain and colour

Wide availability of styles, textures
and finish options encourages design innovation.

Easily rejuvenated or redecorated

Environmental advantages

Timber is a renewable resource

Source certification schemes ensure
its sustainability

Low carbon footprint – requires
less energy to produce than any other construction material

Growing trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Using wood stimulates the
expansion of managed forests to absorb more of this global warming gas.

Major potential for re-use or
recycling at end of life

As climate change and CO2 reduction assumes growing importance in building
design, timber cladding provides the ideal cost effective solution. Specifying
timber has major environmental benefits over other materials

External timber cladding has been a
well-established feature of buildings in the UK & Ireland and particularly
Northern Europe for many centuries.

Traditionally, timber cladding has
either been left unpainted and allowed to naturally weather; or been lovingly
repainted every spring, as evidenced in the many picturesque towns and villages
around the shores of the Baltic.

Today, timber cladding and facades
are becoming increasingly fashionable in modern buildings, but the requirements
of modern styles and building techniques demand a more adventurous colour
palette combined with simpler and less frequent maintenance.

Factory finished cladding, allowing
machine application of high build coatings and protective treatments under
controlled conditions, can offer a significant extension of maintenance cycles;
but cladding exposed on the face of a building presents major challenges for
even the toughest coating.

The selection of a stable timber
species; the design, dimensions and grain orientation of the board; and the
choice and selection of fixings all play a major part in determining
maintenance frequency and ultimate service life: whilst the quality of site
installation and fitting work is also crucial in ensuring a successful project

This information sheet examines some
of the key design and installation factors involved in specifying a successful
and durable factory finished cladding system; provides typical specifications
for factory painted cladding; gives some indications of expected service life
for a range of timber species and finishing systems, and finally offers
practical maintenance guidelines.

External Timber Cladding Coating Systems

All coating systems require
maintenance to maintain their decorative appearance and it is important to
recognise this when specifying coated cladding.

Opaque finishes have the longest
maintenance intervals and are the easiest to repair and maintain.

Translucent finishes maintain the
natural aesthetic appearance of the timber substrate but allow more UV light to
penetrate to the timber surface. This disrupts the surface, increasing stress
on the coating film, which results in earlier coating breakdown and requires
more frequent maintenance.

If maintenance is not carried out
early enough, the timber surface will begin to discolour and degrade (in
the same way that untreated timber cladding does) and this can make
maintenance more time consuming and restoring the original appearance of
translucent finishes difficult.

Consistent application of the coating
system is vital for long-term performance. Although wet film measurements are a
useful process control test, checking and maintaining uniform dry film
thickness across the cladding board is the best assurance of in-service

The specified average dry film
thickness for a Teknos factory applied coating system is 100µm, with an
absolute minimum dry film thickness at any individual point on the surface of

The sealing of all exposed end grain
is critical to prevent in-service moisture ingress. Moisture ingress will
result in significantly increased localised dimensional movement, mould growth,
staining of the substrate under the coating system and coating adhesion
failure. If left unrectified, substrate failure will occur.

The notes below give guidance to
Architects and Designers on the specification, design and installation of
factory finished cladding. Following this guidance and selecting the
appropriate Teknos coating system will help ensure optimum in service

External Timber Cladding Materials & Design

Timber selection

Timbers should be selected to
minimise defects; chemically modified and heat treated timbers, which can
offer improved stability, can also be considered. Timber selection should be
guided by BS EN 942 Standards with, in the case of European Redwood, use of J2
graded section which minimises knot and other natural defects not covered by the
Teknos warranty.

Timber selection must be in
accordance with the durability, use, and exposure conditions described in BS EN
350 and BS EN 335. Where the natural durability of the timber falls outside the
requirements of BS EN 335-2, it must be preservative treated as per BS EN

When using double vacuum preservative
impregnation, particularly with solvent-based materials, the manufacturer’s
recommended drying times (typically 2-14 days) must be followed before coating.
If using a water-based, surface applied, preservatives, such as Teknol Aqua
1410 or Aqua Primer 2907, the boards must be factory coated, on all surfaces,
to a minimum dry film thickness of 80 µm before site exposure to comply with BS
EN 599-1.

Modified timber, such as Accoya meets
durability of Class 1, but treatment with either Teknol Aqua 1410 or Aqua
Primer 2907 is recommended to provide additional resistance to staining by
non-destructive Blue Stain fungi.

Timber Cladding Profile Design

All exposed edges and internal and
external mould details must have a minimum 3mm radius, to avoid thinning
of the coating.

All non-vertical surfaces must allow
efficient water shedding, with a minimum slope angle of not less than 15o.

All component profiles to follow best
practice design recommendations and for cladding as described in the relevant
Trada, Napier and BRE publications. Key points to note:

Installation and design must include
air gaps at the top and bottom of the facade to allow ventilation of the back
of the boards and preclude moisture ingress.

A chalk line or jig block should be
used to obtain 3mm clearance between board joints, allowing for board expansion
and contraction in service

Profile design should allow for
individual boards to be removed and replaced without damaging adjacent boards
or incurring significant maintenance cost.

Cladding profile design should
maximise water shedding to encourage rainwater to run off and eliminate traps
for standing water.

Stress grooves must be machined into
the back face of the boards to minimise warping and twisting.

Building Design

Reducing exposure stress will
significantly reduce maintenance and increase the durability of a coating
system. Where possible building design should give consideration to roof
overhangs and recessing clad sections, normal design features in European
countries where clad buildings are common. Avoiding or limiting cladding
features on elevations exposed to direct weathering should also be considered.


The design should incorporate
concealed fixing where possible. Moisture ingress through surface fixings will
cause localised saturation and discolouration of the timber, creating a weak
spot for Stain development and leading to localised failure.

If factory finished Cladding boards
are fixed through the face, caps and fillers will help protect the fixing and a
final site applied finish is required to ensure the integrity of the coating

Factory Finishing

During processing and factory
coating, cladding moisture content should be controlled following the
guidelines set out in BE EN 942. As a broad rule of thumb, the moisture
content of cladding during final fit should approximate to the equilibrium
moisture content of the cladding in service.

Most modern factory finished cladding
coating systems use water based acrylic resins because of their
durability and flexibility. These systems dry much faster than traditional
solvent paints, allowing for faster handling, but require a period of time to
fully cure before developing full water resistance. A minimum temperature of
15oC is recommended during coating and drying operations and Teknos’
recommended overcoating and drying schedules must be followed at all times.

When using vacuum or brush coaters,
ensure the coating is uniformly applied to achieve the specified dry film thickness
across all weathered surfaces. Uneven film application will reduce service life
and require more frequent maintenance.

Non exposed surfaces should be coated
to a minimum 60µ dry film thickness (80µ dft where a surface applied
preservative is used) to provide protection and reduce stresses on the board.

All end grain must be sealed with 2
coats of Teknoseal 4000 in accordance with Teknos’ cladding system
specifications. This is especially important on finished boards cut during

Transport and site storage

Boards must be protected from the
elements during transport.

Site storage areas should be well
ventilated and not subject to extremes of temperature. Remove any airtight
packaging before storage to ensure free ventilation and prevent condensation
forming. Store the boards off the ground on suitable bearers.

If stacking finished boards face to
face, always interleave with a protective paper or “Jiffy Foam”. Avoid films
that contain Plasticisers as these will adhere to the coating surface.

Under no circumstances should boards
get wet before installation.

Installation, Storage and Wall Construction

Important Installer Responsibilities:

Seal all site cuts with 2 coats of
Teknoseal 4000 end grain sealer

Use a chalk line story pole or jig
block to obtain 3mm clearance between board joints

Nails must penetrate solid wood
(sheathing and stud) by 30mm. Nailing to sheathing alone does not properly
secure the cladding

Claddings must not be installed over
wet sheathing. Use kiln-dried sheathing and strapping. Allow rain-soaked
materials to dry prior to installation.

Butt joints must be tight, treated
with 2 coats of end grain sealer, and made over solid wood to provide secure

Do not lift pieces to allow for
alignment. Cut along the top and touch up the cut. Raising one end may result
in unlocking.

Making Walls Waterproof

Weatherproofing exterior walls
require the proper application of an approved sheathing membrane under the
cladding. The purpose of the sheathing membrane is to provide a continuous
barrier to prevent drafts and the entry of wind-driven rain into the wall

Joints in the cladding are not
designed to prevent passage of wind and rain. Passage of wind and moisture into
the wall may occur, with sustained exposure to strong winds. Moisture may be
driven through nail penetrations and overlap joints of sheathing membrane. In
such exposures, improved resistance against moisture penetration may be
obtained by a modified construction technique known as the Rain Screen Method
in which the cladding is fastened to vertical wood strapping placed over the
sheathing membrane and attached to the wall studs. This
construction technique provides an air space for wind driven
moisture to flow by gravity down the back face of the cladding to vents at
the bottom of the wall. To maintain the Teknos warranty, cladding must be
installed on strapping.

Installing over Rigid Insulation

Timber cladding should not be applied
directly over rigid insulation. Rigid foam sheathing can cause moisture to
accumulate on the back of cladding, causing staining, buckling, and damage to
finish coats. Application over rigid foam sheathing must meet the following

Cladding must be applied to
strapping, creating an air space between cladding and rigid foam or fibreglass.

Strapping must be a full 30mm thick
and kiln dried. The airspace allows for the venting of accumulated moisture.

Use thicker cladding patterns in
widths of 150mm or less. Thick, narrow cladding is more stable than thinner,
wider patterns and better able to resist dimensional changes.

Lighter opaque colours will maximise
heat reflection and reduce dimensional movement.


If Caulk is used where cladding meets
corners, windows, doors and trim, use colour matched or clear caulking. Take
care to avoid creating water traps or inhibiting ventilation of the back of the
boards and, as an alternative in critical areas, consider the use of cover
moulds in jointing details.

To complement this External Timber
Cladding Installation & Maintenance guide we provide practical
training and support to ensure its coatings achieve optimum performance.

Timber Focus Ltd are an Independent ‘Timber & Sheet
Material Importer, Sawmiller & Merchant’ who still believe in the old
traditional values of QUALITY and SERVICE

Timber Focus Ltd has an
excellent reputation for consistently providing high quality products and
service. This is based on its strong belief in the principles of unbeatable
quality, wide selection, dedicated service and prompt delivery, and to provide
you, our customer with genuine value for money.

This enviable reputation stems from the dedIcation,
expertise and loyalty of the staff, many of whom have more than forty years of
experience in the timber trade .

All of the timber products we offer
are sourced from sustainable forests and where possible certified to FSC &
PEFC and National Standards.

Timber Focus Ltd are based
and operate from extensive undercover storage facilities in Stoke on Trent.

Timber Focus Ltd  stock a vast range of good quality planed timber in various sizes and
also a wide selection of patterns for Skirting boards, Architraves, Beadings
and Mouldings. All of our Sawn Treated Carcassing Timber is kiln-dried,
regularised, stress-graded to C16 / C24 and Eased Edge and mainly stored under cover.
We also stock a wide selection of Doors, Hardwoods, Primed MDF Mouldings,
Fencing and Decking products.

In addition to the standard sizes of
Timber, Doors, Plywood, Chipboard, MDF and Veneered products kept in stock,
other sizes or species can be obtained within just a few days.

Stock items such as Garden decking,
Railway sleepers and Hardwood flooring have increased in popularity due to the
many features regularly seen on TV.

Timber Focus Ltd also
stock a comprehensive range of Ironmongery, Door Furniture, Power & Hand
Tools and an excellent selection of Nails, Bolts, Screws, Metal Fixings and
Adhesives, all of which are available from our Trade & DIY Shop.

Timber Focus
Ltd have a modern sawmill operation to suit the needs of our
customers own specifications.

A leading range of certified timber
cladding, available from Timber Focus Ltd.

Timber Cladding Types

Our family of timber cladding
products includes:

Pine – affordable and practical

Larch – durable and attractive

Western Red Cedar – the number one
choice for timber cladding applications

Accoya – Class One durability
engineered softwood cladding

Thermowood – engineered for
increased stability

Hardwood timber cladding – various
durable species including Cumaru, Red Louro and Ipe

We also supply Cedar Shingles, a
durable and lightweight material ideal for cladding the roof and side of
buildings, such as sheds, garages and summer-houses.


We produce a range of standard and
bespoke profiles to suit all applications, and can offer expert advice to
ensure that the most appropriate product is specified for each project.

Bespoke profiles: If you require a
profile that is not available from our standard range, then we are happy to
machine bespoke patterns as required.

Timber Focus is one of the UK’s
leading wood cladding suppliers. The external finish of a building can hugely
improve its overall appeal. Wood cladding will add enormously to the aesthetic
of any structure. Partial cladding can modernise and traditionalise new or
existing buildings in equal measure.

Only the best quality larch logs
sourced from British forests are used in the milling process. Cladding boards
come from heartwood based selection and are kiln dried and appearance

Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, British Larch has
comparable durability to imported Siberian Larch and is most commonly
used uncoated. British-grown larch is typically warmer in appearance than its
Siberian counterpart. It has a rich heartwood colour, exhibiting more grain
character and displaying a greater number of knots.

Our Timeless Timber cladding boards
are manufactured under the TDCA CladMark, a quality assurance scheme that
verifies our factory production control procedures to ensure quality


Our blank Timeless cladding can blend
harmoniously with the natural environment or create a striking contrast in many


Timeless shiplap cladding can provoke
a sense of balance with most surroundings, providing an array of stand-out

Additional services

Additional timber cladding-related
services, available from Timber Focus Ltd, include:

Kilning – to provide the optimum
consistency and performance

Machining – a large range of
standard profiles is complemented by our ability to supply bespoke patterns
where required

Fire Treatment – we can supply a range of industrial pre-treatments to both cladding and
sub-strates, that will comply with any specification

Fully / Part Finished – we can
supply a range of premium factory applied exterior coatings, to help maintain
the look and finish of the material

Our sales and technical teams are
also available to talk through the application and use of the cladding to help
provide information on the important issues of choosing the right materials,
finishing, methods of fixing and maintenance.

Timber Focus offer a range of
Cladding and Shingles, in a number of standard profiles and species including
Western Red Cedar, Larch, European Oak and Sweet Chestnut.

In addition we also offer Cladding in
thermally modified Redwood and a range unique to Timber Focus in the UK;
Siparila, a factory painted Spruce Cladding from Finland.

Western Red Cedar Shingles are also
available and to complete the range, Timber Focus stock roofline products from
the SAM® Trimax range.

We can manufacture Cladding to your
exact specifications, creating bespoke profiles and sourcing alternative

Through our membership of the TDCA,
Timber Focus can provide professional installation advice and comprehensive
product support.

Our team are on hand to help you
choose the right product for your project making Timber Focus your ideal Timber
cladding and shingle supplier.

Buy direct from the mill for exceptional Timber
Cladding prices.

We are specialists in the milling of high quality
timber cladding and decking, we have many years of industry experience.

Our prices are always
very competitive. We are able to offer the clearest grade timber or grades
showing more natural defects if budget demands.

We offer unrivalled quality,
expertise and customer service, giving advice and guidance if required. We also
deliver on time to any location throughout the UK .

As well as providing a diverse
range of standard products, we also mill non standard timber cladding and
decking profiles. We can make cutters to customer drawings or match an a
sample. Often customers mix wide and narrow cladding profiles which can look
particularly attractive and can add interest to large expanse of timber.

We take pride in our work, and
we care about the environment. All of our timber is legally and is
sustainably sourced, we are both FSC® and PEFC certified. We do not mill
any logs from tropical Forests.

Timber is milled to order
and delivered directly to site ensuring the cladding is fresh and ready to

Call us on 0161 504 0011,
purchase from our special offers, or click here to send us an enquiry

Quality Products Direct from the Mill.

Because we mill our own timber we can take extra care
to ensure the finished cladding is to grade.

We refine the grade by removing split pieces or any
boards with unacceptable defects.

We can offer advise in the
selection of timber species and profile that will work the best for each
project.  Please send us your ideas in sketch form or site drawings if you
have them. We can also send you samples to help with planning approval.

This Website should provide
plenty of information and help with timber and cladding choice along with
trim details. There is also a download section where you will find useful
related publications.

Titles include the following.

External wood cladding (pdf) download.

Profiles suitable for vertical boarding (pdf) download

Typical detail of window in timber with vertical
board-on-board cladding (pdf) download

Timber cladding fact sheet (pdf) download

Cedar Cladding

The first choice for
timber cladding. We specialise in the best of the best, high quality Canadian
Western Red Cedar.


Can be specified as being
almost clear of knots.
Sustainable resource & tightly controlled by the Canadian Government.
Will rapidly weather to an attractive silver grey colour or the wood can
be treated to maintain its attractive non uniform colour.
One of the most dimensionally stable of timbers – Cedar will have minimal
shrinkage & cupping. Splits are also less of a problem than with other
Naturally durable – Canadian Western red cedar is very durable without
Canadian Western red Cedar is classed as 2 (Durable) according to BS-EN 350-2-1994.
Cedar Cladding is resistant to fungal staining.
Cedar is a very light weight timber which is easy to machine. No pre-drilling
for fixings are required.

out more



Can be
specified as having a limited number of knots.
Sustainable and increasing resource.
The heartwood is naturally durable.
A hard timber.

Larch can
tend to split & move so allowance in design must be made for this.

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Thermowood is
a heat treated redwood pine.
Developed as an economical alternative to western red cedar.


Has an attractive dark hardwood like appearance.
Does not require further treatment.

out more

Contemporary Design

Timber cladding is popular
because it can give an attractive contemporary design while offering a very low
carbon footprint. Timber has been recognised as one of the least carbon
intensive building materials, it can be very economical too and we are able to
offer various grades to fit your budget.

You can find some great
examples of how timber cladding has been used effectively in
our gallery or at: http://www.woodawards.com.

Care must be taken in
selecting timber species, we can offer full advice in this respect. Care must
also be taken in choosing the correct cladding profile. Some are best for
horizontal and others for vertical applications. A Feather edge profile can be
great for barn conversions and we can offer this with a sawn or planed finish.
Please take a look at our profiles page.

We can mill any other timber
cladding profile, just send us a sketch or phone for advice. We also have a
page showing trim we have previously milled, we can do others so please ask.

Benefits of Timber Cladding

Improved Insulation

Timber Cladding can offer
energy cost savings along with improved insulation properties.
Weight savings along with timber frames and lightweight roofs an offer
significant weight savings compared with masonry. Foundation widths and depths
can therefore be reduced.

Design Flexibility

Modern contemporary and
traditional designs can be easily achieved..
Timber cladding can reduce construction lead times and therefore reduce build
Renovation and future proofing new builds is also a real benefit.

Use of Natural Resources

As an environmentally friendly
and renewable natural resource wood cladding is accepted as a low environmental
impact material. This compares favourably with non renewable materials.

Custom Timber Milling

Having a cutter grinding
shop allows us to make cutters to machine any shape. Bespoke timber
cladding profiles are often requested, we can match an existing offcuts or we
can produce cutters to a drawing.

If there are specific trim
requirements for window or door surrounds for example this is not a problem for

out more

Why order from Timber Focus.

Being a small company we are able to take extra care to ensure your order is as
specified and delivered on time. We take care to ensure the lengths are
suitable for your build also that all trim and corners are going to be
suitable. Often customers are surprised in how much detail we request before we
mill the timber. We find that extra care taken at ordering can save time

Because we mill the timber and have been doing so for many years we are able to
ensure all our cladding and machined to achieve the very best finish.


When sawn stock is imported
there are often pieces with fork lift damage and some pieces have end splits
which can occur when milling. At Timber Focus we take extra care in pulling any
boards with these defects as they go through the mill. We are unusual in
this respect being able to take this additional care due to our small size
enabling us to specialise. Larger companies tend to mill every piece in the
pack and deliver to the customer whatever is produced.

We are therefore very confident in being able to
offer some of the very best quality Timber Cladding available in the UK.

Let Us Inspire You

You can find some great
examples of how timber has been used effectively in our Timber cladding gallery or at http://woodawards.com/winners/

We use our extensive
experience gained within the industry to source the very best timber and
machine this to exacting standards. We can supply stained softwood, Thermowood,
Western red Cedar in timber cladding and decking.

Read more


Manchester 0161 504 00 11

Email  info@timberfocus.com

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Manufacturing British timber
products for over 100 years

Timber Focus is the countries largest
and most established hardwood sawmill. From British logs cut in our own
sawmills we offer an extensive range of sawn hardwoods for joinery and
furniture making, as well as oak beams, timber cladding and hardwood flooring
for commercial and residential buildings. Please visit us in Wiltshire to
browse samples and discuss your project in our oak framed showroom, or come and
select from our stocks of planed and sawn timber boards. With over 4000M3 of
sawn and machined timber in stock we have plenty to choose from.

Timber Cladding Suppliers

Timber cladding is an increasingly
popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic properties.
Known also as timber weatherboarding or timber siding, it is an attractive and
economical way to finish the exterior of both old and new buildings, as well as
adding a layer of defence.

There are many different laying
styles for cladding including square edge, feather edge, ship lap and tongue
and groove. Cladding is often used for exterior products such as walls, garages
and sheds. However, it can also be treated for use for interior projects.
Some of the timber species suitable for

(click on the links below to view
more information about each specie):

Western Red CedarDouglas Fir
Siberian LarchEuropean Oak
Dark Red MerantiEuropean Redwood

The suitability of each type of timber depends on the project the cladding will
be used for, your budget and preferences in colour. If you are unsure of which
timber would be best for your project, contact one of our friendly experts. For
more information on our bespoke services, see our timber cladding services page.

Timber Focus are a leading online
timber merchant in the UK, supplying timber cladding to the joinery, carpentry,
construction and building trade at competitive prices. To find out more about
our timber cladding supplier services and the products available, get in touch
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Feather Edge Timber

Timber Decking

Air Dried Timber Oak Beams

Charred Timber Cladding – Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding

Our charred timber cladding is a
modern application of the ancient Japanese art of charring timber to provide a
beautiful and long lasting timber cladding. This is a technique that we have
over 10 years of expertise in. The manufacturing process is detailed, accurate
and dangerous; one that we have perfected…

At Timber Focus manufacture Charred Timber Products in the

Traditional techniques are used by us
to offer uniqueness to each individual project. There are many finishes and
textures we can provide for interior and exterior projects. From the
traditional highly charred fragile looking to the sleek and contemporary
finish; we provide them all.

We produce Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding to order. We
supply standard and bespoke profiles, multiple timber species and in all
dimensions – all on specification.

Using the ancient Japanese art of
charring timber, Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding provides our cladding with a beautiful and
long-lasting finish. The process of manufacturing is one of detail, accuracy
and danger – a technique that we have perfected over 10 years.

Based in Amersham Buckinghamshire, we
supply across the UK and Europe and can manufacture charred timber cladding to
your exact specification, making a unique product especially for you. Our
products are usually chosen for their uniqueness, quality and ability to match
a wide range of specifications.

Charred Accoya® Cladding

Our charred
Accoya® cladding is exclusively manufactured in the UK by our wonderful team of
skilled craftsmen. This stable and durable timber allows for a distinctive and
beautiful Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding finish for a unique and eye-catching feature that will
last for years. Available in a wide range of dimensions and profiles to order.

Charred Kebony Cladding

Kebony Cladding has a beautiful and distinct finish; rich and dark in colour
and a unique patina. It is exclusively manufactured in the UK by our wonderful
team of skilled craftsmen and is one of our most durable materials. Available
in a wide range of dimensions and profiles to order.

Lathams Yūkari Cladding

This new
range of timber is made exclusively available through James Latham. It is
manufactured in the UK by our wonderful team of skilled craftsmen and bring a
wide variety of unique textures that will enhance your space, whether inside or
out. Lathams Yukari cladding is fully sustainable and FSC certified.

Charred Oak Cladding

The Japanese
art of burning wood is used for our Charred Oak Cladding. This provides a
long-lasting and beautiful finish that we can expertly design, supply and
install for you. The process of manufacturing is one of detail, accuracy and
danger – a technique that we have perfected over 10 years.

Charred Oak

A collection of Interior flooring
which delicately intoxicates our senses. It will captivate, seduce and
hypnotize your most hidden desires. This flooring is truly incomparable to any
other flooring brand and with up to five manual handcrafted processes in each
board. A declaration of finesse and unsurpassed beauty.

Charred Larch Cladding

Larch Charred
Cladding is best described as ‘wabi-sabi’ – an ancient Japanese
view centred on the acceptance imperfection, expressing itself in a unique
and beautiful way. It is exclusively manufactured in the UK by our wonderful
team of skilled craftsmen

Specialist Wall Cladding

The art of
creating cladding and wall panelling with natural timber boards showing only an
enhanced grain is something that we have perfected. Sometimes less is more, so
we work the natural grain of the wood by hand to create a timber board that
simply highlights the beauty of the natural grain and nothing more.

Charred Cedar Cladding

Charred cedar
cladding can only be described as ‘Wabi – Sabi’ nature expressing itself
in the most captivating display. Manufactured in the UK by our dedicated team
of skilled craftsmen. #Brutalcolourism

Timber Focus are Timber Agents for
Puidukoda OU from the Baltics. Timber Focus are landed stockists for the
Estonian Baltic States sawmill Estonia, Sweden , Latvia and have a substantial
stock holding at Ipswich, offering a full range of K.D. Regularised Carcassing,
Battens, Long Lengths , CLS and Decking black painted cladding, white painted
cladding  and painted featheredge.
These can all be treated to order at the port with the new rapid steam drying

Timber Focus Agents have more than 25
years’ experience in the timber business and offer a professional sales and a
nationwide distribution service.

Planed Softwood

Timber Agents, Brokers &
Wholesalers – Planed Softwood Suppliers

The most economical way to purchase
planed softwood sections is through direct import from Estonia, Baltics Sweden
and Finland where the modern milling facilities provide a far more cost
effective solution than that within the UK.

Here at Timber Focus  we enjoy long term relationships with
several well established key players in the supply of quality / value for money
planed redwood.  Shipments of approximately 50m3 – 60m3 can be made to
suit individual specification / requirements, predominantly packs truck bundled
with an average length span but in some cases where necessary packed to length
specifications are feasible. We supply a lot of prepainted timber cladding in
black painted featheredge, white painted featheredge and fire retardant timber
cladding to Euro Class B from Puidukoda OU.

We are also able to offer laminated
Redwood sections suitable for window / door manufacture and wider section
products such as staircase newels.

Planed Redwood Sections

Ex 12mm

Ex 16mm

Ex 19mm

Ex 25mm

Ex 32mm

Ex 38mm

Ex 50mm

Ex 75mm

Ex 100mm (Heart Free material)

Planed Whitewood Sections

We are also able to supply planed
whitewood sections, in particular:-

Ex 22mm for standard merchanting

Ex 22mm wider boards, ie Ex 22mm x
275mm for stair tread material.

Ex 32mm and Ex 38mm for door linings.

Remember – We can make up mixed loads
of 50m3 – 60m3 that include both planed softwood and softwood mouldings /
skirtings and architraves – an extremely economical way to purchase your planed
and mouldings stock.

Timber Focus offers one of the most
comprehensive ranges of hardwoods and clear softwoods available in the UK, with
over 40 species available both in sawn loose and in packs including our
exclusive Red Grandis.

We can also source other species on

All of our products are responsibly
sourced, with many certified species available. Our sawn selected orders are
hand picked by our skilled staff, turning and selecting to your requirements. We
offer a comprehensive range of machining and manufacturing services.
Timber Focus can help you choose the most appropriate species for your project.

Timber Focus is a leading timber
wholesaler if there is any timber you cannot find please get in touch

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The Timber Focus Team

Quality Timber

Service & Support

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Trade Membership

We specialise in the
importation, manufacture, distribution and branding of quality and sustainable
softwood timber products.

Our core customers are timber and
builders merchants and our continued focus is to supply quality softwood
products, in convenient quantities, quickly and at competitive prices. Our
ability to meet the quality, price and service expectation our customers
demand, stems from our historic and continued investment in manufacturing
infrastructure coupled with a desire to build long term trading relationships
with both customers and suppliers alike.



​From being high class
furniture manufacturers circa 2017 to present day timber suppliers, sheet
materials, importers and builders providers, the name Timber Focus has always
been associated with quality products.

One of Britain and Ireland’s largest
sawmills; Timber Focus  is a leading timber products
supplier, and has pioneered biomass renewable energy in the British Isles. The
business has grown organically, and through acquisition and investment in the
latest processing technologies.

Timber Focus  timber products portfolio includes
construction timber, fencing and landscaping products and pallet and packaging

Timber Focus  has led the development of the market
for wood pellet fuel in Ireland and Britain.

Timber Focus   operates biomass Combined Heat and
Power plants that produce renewable energy. Residual heat from electricity
generation is used to dry locally sourced woodfibre that is then processed into
high-energy fuel pellets – marketed under the company’s brites brand,
displacing 750 million litres of oil in homes, commercial premises and

Timber Focus have been importing
timber into the UK and Ireland for over 175 years.
Focused on the successful and professional delivery of softwood timber
to our customers.


Specialists in the import and
distribution of slow-grown, quality softwood timber. Supplied from Scandinavia,
Germany, the Baltics, Russia, Canada and more.


One of the largest stocks of softwood
timber products in the country, meeting the individual needs of customers
throughout the UK and Ireland.


From landed stocks to bespoke orders
delivered direct from the mill, our experienced and specialist team can meet
the most demanding requirements.

Vacuum Coated Cladding – Coloured Finish

Consistent, high quality finish

Vacuum Coated Scotlarch® cladding |
John O’Groats | GLM Architects & Surveyors

Timber Focus’s vacuum coated cladding
guarantees a consistent, high quality finish and optimal long term product

Due to the increasing popularity of
painted cladding, as an alternative to naturally weathered timber, Timber Focus
manufacture vacuum coated cladding at our modern in-house coating facility; the
first of its kind in Scotland and Estonia. By treating the timber under
factory-controlled conditions we can guarantee that the application will be of
a consistently high standard, and that the resulting end-product will offer
enhanced aesthetic and durability properties as well as a reduced maintenance

Painted Timber Cladding

Stained and painted timber cladding
continues to be a popular choice among Timber Focus clients.

We can offer a number of in-house
painted timber cladding solutions. Through our in-house paint system in
the U.K and also working with our partner suppliers in Switzerland and Estonia ,
we can offer:

Swiss Painted Timber Cladding

Specially selected Swiss White Fir
logs are used, with full FSC certification to ensure total sustainability of
forests through selective felling.

The timber is sawn to offer a
‘vertical grain’, slowly kiln dried to offer a consistent product, before
hand-selecting the boards prior to machining to customers’ profile.

Long lengths heavy 5.0m are common,
with finger jointed lengths available if required.

Selected profiles for the UK market,
offering face and secret fix options.

A range of standard colours and
stains available, with the option for full RAL colours if required

Warranty of 15 years depending on
paint and colour.

A quality controlled environment
which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order.

Can be supplied pre-treated with Euro
Class B fire treatment, fully tested with the paint coatings we offer.

Significant saving in time, labour,
and money.

Quick and efficient production and
delivery process and back up stocks held in the U.K. for agreed supply

Painted Timber Cladding

NORclad offer a fully factory
finished coated option – working with Sikkens Wood Coatings’ Never
Ending Impressions
colour we are able to offer
the natural appearance of timber with a full range of translucent colour to fit
your project.

Developed by the Akzo Novel Aesthetic
Centre, the Never Ending Impressions range has served major customers worldwide including Walt
Disney and McDonald’s.

View more information on the coating
and the colours on offer here.

A range of standard colours and
stains available.

PEFC Certified Termowood is used as a

A quality controlled environment
which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order.

Significant saving in time, labour,
and money VS on site application.

Non film-forming coatings – the
translucent finish allows the natural timber grain to be seen through the

European Redwood timber cladding
available in an extensive range of profiles and colours. 10–15 year warranty
depending on paint and colour.

Timber species with knots may have
potential to exhibit knot exudation/ knot bleed. In order to avoid this, it is
recommended to use a 3/4 Sides Clear product.

It is also recommended that this
species is also pressure treated against rot and fungal decay prior to factory


Timber Focus timber cladding conforms
to the European standard: Quality of timber (exposed surfaces) to EN 14915/ EN
15146/ EN 14519 – produced in accordance with factory production control
for the selection, grading, machining and preservative treatment of solid wood

Painted and Pre-Stained Cladding


At Timber Focus  we offer timber cladding in a wide range
of pre-stained and painted finishes.

We have a pre-painted cladding
service which provides a single base coat to all 4 sides of the board and a
further two top coats to the outer face of the cladding. Planed Square Edge
(PSE) items are painted on all four sides. We can offer a range of ‘standard’
finishes such as a clear coating with UV protection and water-based opaque
colour finishes to the colour of your choice.

Over recent years, an increasing
proportion of our Timber Cladding is painted or pre-stained on our premises
before being delivered to the site.

We can source a number of colour
match products available from Sikkens, Teknos, Crown and other leading manufacturers. All
you need to do is supply us with a reference code or RAL colour
number for the product and we can provide you with a price as soon
as possible.


Our factory-based coating system
ensures that a consistent level of paint is applied to the painted cladding
through a vacuum coater. This gives an excellent finish and the completed
product looks fantastic with a huge range of colours available. We are always
happy to provide samples on request free of charge.


It is far more economical to have
your timber cladding pre-strained or painted, as this negates the need for
contractors to carry out painting work on the project site.

The process is also extremely quick
– using our vacuum coater we are able to finish approximately 1.5-2m3 of
painted cladding per hour.

Pre-staining or painting is also an
important safety consideration as this means that no extra contractors
will be needed on  site to carry out work using scaffolding and taking up
valuable space , which can often be at a premium.


Our paints and coatings are all
offered with a manufacturers expected lifespan,   this is subject to
their own individual specifications. Regular timber maintenance is required
throughout painted timber’s lifespan,  touching up or re-coating could be
required after approximately two years. This is to ensure a good protective
coating build up and added protection – particularly in areas of high
traffic or exposure to the weather. Manufacturers guidelines on future
maintenance are readily available.

Additional Information

Paint manufacturers’ instructions
recommend a 3mm radius is applied to all outer edges of painted cladding
profiles to ensure full adhesion of the coating. If you prefer a coating to a
square edge profile this can still be done, but we cannot guarantee the
lifespan of the coating if this option is chosen.

We require a lead time of 5-6 weeks
drying time for water-based paints or finishes and 6-8 weeks for solvent-based.
This allows a suitable drying period between coats, plus further time for the
painted cladding to completely cureensuring that the timber will be dry enough
to pack and wrap in protective polythene for transit to site.

It is recommended that if painted
cladding timbers are not used immediately and are to be left for a while before
installation, the boards are removed from the packaging, stored in a dry,
well-ventilated area and separated to prevent moisture build up and sticking.

Pre-Painted Featheredge Timber Cladding

Quality Decking’s Q-Clad high
quality, pre-painted exterior timber cladding products can be used in most
vertical exterior cladding situations or for creating striking close board
fencing in your garden. Our quality cladding is designed to save time in
installation, and provide a high quality painted finish that retains a
stunning natural grain that only timber cladding can provide. Our painted
feather edge cladding products come in either tongue and groove, or featheredge
profile in a sawn face finish. The cladding can come pre-painted in either
white or black colours. The timber used to make Q-Clad™ cladding timber
cladding is slow grown Scandinavian PEFC Certified whitewood (Picea Abies). Our
sustainable cladding is kiln dried to a specific moisture content suitable for
external cladding use and preservative treated to Use Class 3.1 providing a
10-year warranty against fungal decay and insect attack (the warranty does not
apply to the life of the paint coating).

Factory applied paint provides the
best possible paint finish for timber. We strive to provide conditions for the
best possible paint adhesion. The paint is a waterborne microporous system by
Teknos, a well renowned Finnish commercial paint manufacturer. The more coats
applied to the cladding means the greater paint ‘build’ and the greater the
‘build’ the better the finish and resistance to weathering. For over-painting
we recommend the use of Bedec Barn Paints by Bedec Ltd or Dulux Weathershield®
waterborne microporous system.

Purchase Quality Decking Cladding

To find your closest stockist of
pre-painted featheredge timber cladding click here,
or if you wish to buy online through one of Quality Decking’s trusted local
stockists, then please click here.

Other Quality Decking Cladding Uses

Q-Clad cladding products can be used
to create other garden features and projects to complement your Q-Deck Decking,
Take a look in our decking ideas section
and gallery for some inspiration.

Use Class 3

Q-Clad Pre-painted Black Timber
Cladding (Featheredge) 24 x 7 x 175mm

Use Class 3

Q-Clad Pre-painted Black Timber
Cladding (Rebated) 23 x 6 x 174mm

Use Class 3

Q-Clad Pre-painted White Timber
Cladding (Rebated) 23 x 6 x 174mm

3.5 x 50mm Q-Clad-Tite Stainless
Steel COLLATED Annular Shank Cladding Nail

We supply two different painted
timber cladding options –Timber Focus pre-painted exterior cladding which
offers a 10 year warranty against fungal decay (not the paint coat), this low
cost option is offered in black or white (32 x 175mm)
rebated featheredge profile.

In conjunction with our
partner Puidukoda we also supply Silverwood coloured cladding.

Silverwood  and Puidukoda is one of Europe’s leading
manufacturers of Painted Timber cladding and as such is highly specified by
architects & contractors due to 20 years industry experience, a product
which is unique in its technical characteristics & most notably
Silverwood’s ability to offer a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on the paint
finish (maintenance-free), not to be confused with the durability of the
product which is up to 50 years. This product is available in several different
profiles and a large range of colours.

Key Features

Secret fix profile for an updated
modern look and an easier more cost effective installation

10 year maintenance free guarantee
against timber decay

10 year comprehensive maintenance
free guarantee of the factory applied finish


Norway Spruce treated to Class Use 3a,
durable up to 50 years as a result of the combined timber treatment and the
Silverwood factory applied paint finish

Cladding certified CTB B+ and CE

Fire Retardant Cladding

Protection from fire

Protecting against the threat of fire
is one of the most critical elements of any new build and, for projects such as
schools and educational buildings, UK building regulations may stipulate that
the timber cladding must be treated with a fire retardant.

In the above case, customers may wish
to look at pressure impregnating the cladding prior to supply or,
alternatively, surface coating the cladding once it is on-site.

Puidukoda and Timber Focus offers two
main product solutions to customers: Sentrin FRX can be impregnated under
factory-controlled conditions prior to supply or HR-Prof can be purchased and applied on-site. In addition to these solutions, fire
cavity barriers are available in our online shop.

Timber Focus Wood Protection offers
proven fire-retardant treatments for structural timbers and board products and
a dedicated web site is now available.

Only accredited, approved and
correctly applied fire-retardant treatments allow clients to effectively meet
building control requirements and still produce stunning building designs using
nature’s most versatile material. Lonza’s DRICON and NON-COM Exterior
treatments provide these assurances and are available from our service
treatment centre in West Yorkshire, UK.

Our facility operates to both ISO9001
and ISO14001 standards and is accredited by the UK Wood Protection
Association’s Quality scheme.

DRICON is the only fire-retardant
treated timber with BBA approval and NON-COM Exterior is the only
fire-retardant treatment accepted by NHBC for exterior cladding timbers.

Proven fire-retardant treated timbers

Treatments will meet either Euroclass
B or Euroclass C surface spread of flame requirements of EN 13501-1. We have
global experience in the fire protection of timber and have extensive fire
certification for a wide range of timber species in conjunction with Exova
warringtonfire, the leading fire test body in Europe.

DRICON – fire-retardant treated
timber for interior situations

DRICON is the only British Board of
Agrément (BBA) approved fire-retardant treatment for timber and has recently
celebrated 25 years of continuous BBA approval. A water-based,
humidity-resistant (HR) type formulation, DRICON is designed to protect timbers
and sheet materials to be used in interior situations.

Treatment involves pressure
impregnation of the DRICON formulation into the timber, followed by careful
kiln drying to return the timber to a specified moisture content. A wide range
of solid timbers and plywoods are suitable for DRICON treatment.

DRICON treatment has the following

UK Wood Protection Association
approved product

Approved London Underground product

Approved Fire Protection Association

Independently assessed and approved
by the American Wood Preservers Association

Independently assessed and accredited
with the Swedish Sitac Quality Mark

Approved by the National Access &
Scaffolding Confederation for the protection of scaffold boards

Approved by Chiltern International
against the TF2000 six-storey timber frame staircase test

NON-COM Exterior –
fire-retardant treated timber for exterior and severe damp situations

NON-COM Exterior is a polymer-based,
leach-resistant (LR) type formulation designed to protect timbers and sheet
materials to be used in exterior and severe damp situations. In these exterior
situations, NON-COM Exterior treated timbers can be used without a decorative
coating in exterior situations. However, if a decorative coating is required,
Timber Focus recommend the use of industrially applied DRYWOOD Woodstain for
exclusive use on NON-COM Exterior treated timbers.

Treatment involves pressure
impregnation of the NON-COM Exterior formulation followed by a careful kiln
drying and heat curing process to return the timber to a specified moisture
content. A wide range of solid timbers and plywoods are suitable for NON-COM
Exterior treatment, as well as specific commodities, such as cedar shingles and
shakes and Yorkshire boarding.

NON-COM Exterior treatment has the
following accreditations:

UK Wood Protection Association
approved product

National House Building Council
(NHBC) accepted product for exterior timber cladding

Approved Fire Protection Association

Continuing professional development
(CPD) of fire-retardant treatments

Timber Focus offers a CPD-accredited
presentation for fire-retardant treatments for timber through the CPD service.

Top of

Bottom of

Press Release

Protection CPD Presentations at 2013 DCE Roadshow

White Papers

Superior Fire
Protection from Timber Focus

When it is identified that fire
protection is required for timber cladding there is a clear choice of
industrially applied impregnation treatments or coating products.

Siberian Larch (SILA) Cladding

A popular choice due to its aesthetic
beauty and excellent durability

SILA A/B® RW014 | Private Home |
Dualchas Architects

Timber Focus Siberian Larch (SILA) is
the cladding of choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due
to the fact that it is extremely versatile – being suitable for most external
timber cladding applications – has excellent durability properties and displays
attractive figuring.

RW014 Rainscreen (120 x 20) – Unweathered

SILA A/B® 42
x 42mm angled section – Showing the effects of weathering after nine years

RW009 – top 4 boards vacuum coated RAL9005 and bottom 3 vacuum coated FI046
(fixed with L-GoFix® SC9 black coated screws)

RW014 Rainscreen (120 x 20) – Unweathered

SILA A/B® 42
x 42mm angled section – Showing the effects of weathering after nine years

RW009 – top 4 boards vacuum coated RAL9005 and bottom 3 vacuum coated FI046
(fixed with L-GoFix® SC9 black coated screws)

RW014 Rainscreen (120 x 20) – Unweathered

SILA A/B® 42
x 42mm angled section – Showing the effects of weathering after nine years

RW009 – top 4 boards vacuum coated RAL9005 and bottom 3 vacuum coated FI046
(fixed with L-GoFix® SC9 black coated screws)




Timber Focus’s SILA boards come in a
warm mix of colours, from light reddish brown through to golden browns. When
weathered the colour changes to a muted grey tone, which is desirable in many
cladding projects.

With clearly marked annual growth
rings, straight grain and relatively few knots the overall look displays attractive
figuring with a contemporary look.

Important information regarding
sawn-faced profiles or board on board arrangements

Siberian Larch is imported to the UK
in board form. Depending on which mill it came from it will have variety of
surface finishes. For example, circular sawn marks, twin arbour lines, paint
marks, grease marks or compression marks from steel securing bands. To avoid an
unsightly surface finish, Timber Focus skim the face of each board to provide a
clean, unblemished fine sawn finish. See a short video of our skimming process

Grades and specification

We offer three grades; A/B, A+ and
B/C, with the specifications being as stated below.

Timber Focus SILA A/B®

Timber Focus offers SILA A/B® grade
which presents an ideal combination of durability with a clean, relatively knot
free look and is ideal for design led projects. The specification for SILA A/B®
is as follows:

Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 1;
each board is practically centre free, one face will be sap free, tight live knots
have a maximum 25mm diameter. Maximum of two knots per metre on average over
the total length of board, pin knots below 12mm will be discounted

Kiln-dried to moisture content of
16-18% (+/- 2%)

Lengths up to 6.0m

Resin pockets permitted on exposed

We select from the best available
grades in Europe and guarantee that your order will not contain any commonly
available, lower quality GOST grades

FSC® – certified product sourced from
sustainable forests, certification no – FSC-C017490

Timber Focus  SILA A+

Timber Focus  also produces a limited quantity of A+
grade. This is virtually a clear grade timber, providing a clean, consistent,
almost knot-free look combined with excellent durability. At times these boards
are in limited supply. The specification for SILA A+ is as follows;

Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 1;
each board is practically centre free, one face will be sap free

Further hand-selection of clearest
grade boards which meet the following criteria; tight live knots with a maximum
12mm diameter. Maximum of two knots per metre on average over the total
length of board

Kiln-dried to moisture content of
16-18% (+/- 2%)

Resin pockets permitted on exposed

Lengths up to 6.0m

We select from the best available
grades in the UK and guarantee that your order will not contain any commonly
available, lower quality GOST grades

FSC® certified product sourced from
sustainable forests

Timber Focus  SILA B/C

Additionally, Timber Focus offers
SILA B/C, a more rustic grade of Siberian Larch than our A/B and A+ grades. It
gives a more knotty, less uniform look, without compromising its excellent
durability properties. The specification for SILA B/C is as follows;

Graded to BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 2/3;
each board is practically centre free; the majority of boards will be sap free
on one face and knots have a maximum 35mm diameter

Kiln-dried to moisture content of
16-18% (+/- 2%)

Lengths up to 6.0m

Resin pockets permitted on exposed

Durability class 3 (BS EN 350-2

High density of approximately 628
Kg/m3 at a moisture content of 18% (BS EN 350-2 classification)

FSC® certified product sourced from
sustainable forests

NBS Specification

For advice on completing the NBS H21
for Siberian Larch cladding please get in touch with our project team.


For external cladding purposes,
Siberian Larch is a naturally durable timber (Class 3 according to BS EN 350-2)
due to a combination of factors;

The presence of tannins in the wood
create a high resistance to decay and rot, making Siberian Larch one of the
toughest and most durable softwoods

High density means that it is more
difficult for decaying organisms to penetrate the wood

With a lifespan of 50 -100 years when
correctly detailed and subject to general outdoor exposure, this is similar to Timber
Focus’s Architect
Select® Western Red Cedar. Better durability properties
can only be achieved with Timber Focus’s modified timber product: Accoya®


The tightness of the growth rings and
the high proportion of late wood enables a smoother machine finish and enhanced
dimensional stability.

Additionally, Timber Focus’s SILA is
kiln-dried to 16-18% (+/-2%), the optimal moisture content for external
cladding. This moisture level is retained until delivery to site and your
cladding can then be installed immediately upon delivery.

Enhanced performance of dimensional
stability can be achieved by using narrower widths, for example 120mm, and


Due to its high percentage of
heartwood (75-90%) and a minimum of sapwood (we guarantee that at least one
face will be sap free) SILA is an extremely dense timber, classified by BS EN
350-2 as approximately 628 Kg/m3 at a moisture content of 18%. As
such, it is not easily damaged and therefore is ideal for highly exposed
elevations, or applications where there is the likelihood of physical damage
such as knocks or scrapes (e.g. schools, shopping centres, public walkways).

Coating suitability

Optimal performance is always
achieved with sawn faced finishes.

SILA can be factory coated in SiOO:X, a
breakthrough water based silicone technology, to provide a genuine silver
lustre. In effect, SiOO:X creates a weathered appearance at an accelerated
rate. Following application, all areas, regardless of protection and exposure,
take on consistent tone which provides a solution to differential weathering
whilst strengthening the timber’s surface and creating a water repellent layer.
SiOO:X is also available in a mid-grey colour. For further information about SiOO:X click

SILA can also be vaccum
coated in your choice of colour from Timber
Focus’s Teknos paint range. Due to the infrequent knots and tight grain,
optimal paint adhesion can be achieved, particularly when used on sawn

SILA can also be fire-retardant treated,
using HR Prof as an on-site applicant.


How timber is fixed is fundamental to
its long term performance in relation to both appearance and durability.

We offer a range of fixings and systems
designed by Austrian Timber Engineers to make cladding look better and last
longer. There are a number of options when considering cladding fixings.
Sihga’s FassadenClip® offers secret fixing giving a modern clean finish where
no fixings are visible. Also available from Timber Focus is Sihga’s F-BohrFix
ZB® screw for effective secret fixing of tongue and groove profiles or RW115
secret fix profile. For face fixings L-GoFix® A2 screws combined with KompeFix®
offer a superior look and performance to alternative face fixing

These systems can be written into the
NBS H21 specification. For more information on our recommended fixings, click


We can advise you on the most
suitable species and profile for your project. Visit our profiles section to view some of our most popular profiles, or speak to us to discuss
further options.


Timber Focus ’s SILA is FSC®-certified,
meaning that it is sourced from well-managed forests.


SILA is available in varying lengths
up to 6m. Please note that cladding is supplied as a linear meterage based on
random stock lengths at time of picking order. Other sizes may be available on

The standard trade board measurement
is 150mm wide traditionally this is the most commonly purchased cladding board.
However, at Timber Focus we also offer a range of board widths including 225,
200, 175, 125, 100, and 75mm. The narrower board widths (75, 100, 125mm) offer
a number of advantages including more choice in design arrangements and
improved dimensional stability. As an additional benefit narrower width boards
are generally graded well in excess of their specification.

For large-scale projects we also have
the ability to finger-joint and edge-glue SILA. This process allows the
customisation of lenghts, which could be particularly desirable to create a
design look whilst eliminating on site waste. Seamlessly joining shorter boards
together can create a cleaner, more dimensionally stable grade at longer
lengths, which is often desired by architects and specifiers.


SILA is one of our mid-range products,
with prices starting at £32 per m2 excluding VAT for sawn


Clean and contemporary look

Suitable for most types of cladding

Excellent density and durability

Stringent in-house grading of every


For a printable summary of the above
information, click here to download our Siberian
Larch Cladding Factsheet


Please note that we have only listed
the most popular profiles for each product but there may be others available.
Please speak to us to discuss the best options for your project.


RW006 Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Siberian Larch

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Board A

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Board on
Board B

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Board on Board C


Board on Board Lapped

Siberian Larch Fact Sheet and
Useful Resources

Every day we live and breathe timber
cladding here at Timber Focus , so we wanted to share some useful tips and
resources about each species. This guide goes into everything you need to know
about Siberian larch timber.

Siberian larch is one of our
favourite timber species and it is a popular choice for external cladding. Make
sure you check out our range of Siberian larch cladding and discover how you
can use this timber to create a truly expectational exterior to your building.

Originating from the beautiful
forests of Siberia in Russia, this timber is the perfect partner to your new
building so read on to find out what makes it so special.

Appearance and Durability

Siberian larch is
often a very popular timber cladding choice for its appearance. It is regarded
as having a very desired finish and provides beautiful colouring and texture.
The shapes and patterns of the growth rings are very aesthetically pleasing and
provide real character to each cladding panel. Siberian larch will often start
life as pale yellow/golden brown in colour but weathers to striking silvery
grey colours, although treatment and staining can change this.

It is a slow growth, high density
softwood which makes it one of the hardest commercial softwoods available. It
is 50% harder than Scots Pine and this is one of the reasons why it is such a
desired timer specie. This high-density characteristic makes it very durable
and perfect for external cladding as well as other features like joinery,
decking, and flooring.

Due to this durability, it is a wood
that isn’t as vulnerable to knocks, scrapes and scratches as other woods. This
is an important aspect for exterior cladding.

Siberian larch can be sawn and
machined well, making it a practical and efficient choice of timber for
building projects.

Siberian larch cladding supplied by
Timber Focus is sourced from reputable sawmills processing larch logs from well
managed forests in northern Europe. Where possible our larch is sourced with
independent certification.

Siberian larch trees grow very slowly
and consequently the larch wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to
other softwoods such as spruce and cedar. The high resin content found in
Siberian larch makes it one of the most durable softwoods in the world.

Siberian larch, which is a straw colour,
similar to pine, should not be confused with the European larch growing in
Britain, which is a dark pink colour. Unlike European larch, the knots in
Siberian larch cladding are a lighter grey colour and tend to stay solid even
after drying and machining. For this reason we tend to favour Siberian larch
over British larch for machined cladding profiles.

Siberian larch cladding is generally
available in two grades, which in the trade, are confusingly named ‘Unsorted’
and ‘Fourths’ (or sometimes ‘Sawfalling’). For ease, we describe our stocks as
either Grade A or Grade B. Grade A allows for occasional small knots, although
many boards will be clear of defects. Grade B allows for frequent and larger
knots. We most commonly offer Grade B because it offers a very cost effective
cladding option. Care should be taken when relying on the trade names as the
relative quality between Russian sawmills is highly variable.

As with all larch species, the
Siberian version is a relatively ‘lively’ timber and as such, it is prone to
distortion and dimensional variation. Throughout the year a 145mm Siberian
larch cladding board can vary by up to +/- 5mm. We therefore recommend simple
cladding profiles such as halflap (VHL) and splayed (VSP) that can accommodate
this movement rather than more delicate TG&V profiles.

Siberian larch cladding is a good
choice for exposed elevations where knocks and scrapes are likely. Grade B is
appropriate for projects where a natural or rustic appearance is desired,
whereas the relatively knot free Grade A will create a more contemporary
looking facade.

Technical Specification

Produced to comply with the
harmonised standard for construction products regulation BSEN14915:2013 and to
conform to BS8605-1:2014 External timber cladding: Method for specifying.

The colour of Siberian larch can vary
from a dark brown to a pale yellow.  Larch is very slow grown and has an
unusally high durability factor for a softwood species.  Due to its high
density, Larch is perfect for projects such as schools or shopping complexes
where impact may occur.


Larch is a class 3 durability rated product, which is moderately

Larch has a movement rating of medium.

Thermal Conductivity
With a conductivity rating of (y10) of approximately 0.13 W/(mk) it is an
excellent species to keep heat in.

The density of Larch is 570 – 650kg per m3.  Moisture content at time of
installation should be 16% +/- 4%.

Larch can be machined to achieve a fantastic finish, but beware that due to the
density of the product it is advised that regular sharpening of the blades is
recommended.  It is also suggested that screwing instead of nailing is
preferable to avoid splitting.

Siberian Larch Shiplap

Model SLPC-U

Condition New

If stability, durability and beautifully grained natural cladding is
required then there are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense softwood.

Profiles Vincent Timber VT1, VT2,
VT3, VT4, VT5, VT6, VT7,VT8,VT9, VT10

Our Siberian Larch Shiplap Cladding
is the perfect profile choice should you require not only excellent weather protection, but clean smooth lines and a smarter finish for your cladding project.
Commonly fitted horizontally, once in place the visually pleasing shadow lines will
accentuate the length of your building, giving you a sleek uniformed appearance.

Naturally Siberian Larch will offer
your cladding project stability, durability and a beautiful grain; there
are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense softwood.
Due to its high resin content, Siberian Larch is one of the most naturally hardy of
all softwood species and highly durable without any treatment – you’ll almost be getting the abilites of oak at softwood

Your boards will be supplied
untreated. No treatments are required, however
if you wish to preserve the supplied colour a little longer or use
a weather
resistant sealant, please take a look at our Treatex range. Should
you wish to leave it to age gracefully, it will eventually turn to
a beautiful silvery grey colour as the suns rays do their

Our Siberian Larch is kiln dried to an 18% moisture content, making
it ideal for use in both internal and external applications. If
exposed to varying weather conditions before fitting your boards, they are
likely to cup, warp and split; the ideal time to fit cladding to keep this to a
minimum is between the months of October and April and within 7 to 14 days of

Ready to fix and available in two options – first grade and unsorted:

First grade is sorted to include only the clearest (most
knot free) boards with the straightest grain possible.
A perfect choice for all modern and contemporary applications.

Unsorted will have a mixture of all top four grades, 1
through to 4 – some clear of knots and some straight grain, others with knots
and some sloping grain. A perfect choice for all traditional/rustic applications,
it gives a less uniformed look, without compromising its excellent durability properties.

We offer the following section size:

142mm x 25mm – The overall width is
142mm, with the visible face measuring 127mm

This profile is priced per square metre and comes in random lengths between 1600mm and 6000mm unless
otherwise specified for an additional charge:

Set lengths up to 3500mm – £4.00
extra per square metre exc VAT

Set lengths above 3500mm – £8.00
extra per square metre exc VAT

Please contact our Sales Team on 0161 504 0011 should
you require set lengths.

Still unsure? We offer up to two samples of
our cladding boards for a £5 inc VAT postage charge. Should
you wish to then purchase cladding boards that are the same product as
your samples, we will reimburse you the £5 postage charge upon ordering!*

Siberian larch cladding supplied by Timber Focus is sourced
from reputable sawmills processing larch logs
from well managed forests in northern Europe. … Siberian larch, which is a straw colour, similar to pine, should not be confused with
the European larch growing in Britain, which is a dark
pink colour.

Available Grades:-

Grade Overview – A/B Grade
Grade Character – Tight intergrown knots up to 40mm diameter are admissible.
Sound spike knots no longer than half the width of the board are also
acceptable. Resin and bark pockets are allowed up to 2cm2 surface area and 2
pieces per board. No insect attack is permissible, although 2 shakes in a width
of 1mm in a length of 10% of the board.

BOTANICAL NAMELarix siberica
PHYSICAL/STRUCTURAL PROPERTIESHard, dense timber, colour of
heartwood can change from yellowish – brown to pink – brown
MOISTURE CONTENTKiln Dried 18 – 20%, green 30% +
TYPICAL APPLICATIONSCladding, decking, flooring, window
and door frames
WASTAGE ALLOWANCE10 – 15% length waste
DURABILITYModerately durable
STORAGE ADVICEKiln dried material to be kept
under cover, green can be kept outside
WORKING QUALITIESDespite its density and hardness it
machines well and takes fixings
STABILITYMinimal movement with boards
containing heartwood only

Top of

Our timber cladding products
are designed to be hardy, durable and built to last, ranging from clean Western
Red Cedar to treated Redwood. Our range includes many different profiles and
sizes to suit most applications.Contact us in London.

19 x 125mm Nom. (15 x 120mm
fin.) 110mm Face Shiplap Treated Green[edit]From: £2.92£2.80 (Inc. VAT)



22 x 150mm Nom. (17 x 146mm
fin.) 136mm Face Shiplap Treated Green[edit]From: £4.14£3.97 (Inc. VAT)



150mm Treated Feather Edge
Green[edit]From: £2.04£1.96 (Inc. VAT)



32 x 175mm Sawn Barn Black
Featheredge Cladding[edit]From: £4.50 (Inc. VAT)


200mm Treated Feather Edge
Green (Ex 38 x 200)[edit]From: £4.68£4.49 (Inc. VAT)



25 x 125mm Nom. (21 x 119mm
fin) 111mm Face Treated Redwood Joinery TGV Dual Sided[edit]From: £4.45 (Inc. VAT)


25 x 125mm Nom. Thermowood T
& G Planed Shiplap[edit]From: £7.48£6.73 (Inc. VAT)



25 x 150mm Nom. (18 x 144mm
fin.) 124mm Face Cedar PMV T&G Channel Cladding[edit]From: £12.17 (Inc. VAT)


25 x 150mm Nom. (18 x 144mm
fin.) 124mm Face Treated Redwood PMV T&G Channel Cladding[edit]From: £5.28£5.06 (Inc. VAT)



25 x 150mm Nom. (18 x 145mm
fin.) 135mm Face Treated Redwood Rebated Planed Face Tapered Cladding[edit]From: £6.17£5.92 (Inc. VAT)



25 x 150mm Nom. (18 x 142mm
fin.) 129mm Face Cedar TGV Dual Sided[edit]From: £12.37 (Inc. VAT)


25 x 150mm Nom. (18 x 142mm
fin.) 130mm Face Rebated Cedar Shiplap[edit]From: £12.38 (Inc. VAT)


25 x 125mm Nom. Thermowood
PMV T&G Channel Cladding[edit]From: £8.23£7.91 (Inc. VAT)



16 x 100mm Nom. (12 x 94mm
fin.) 89mm Face Western Red Cedar TGV[edit]From: £7.55 (Inc. VAT)


16 x 100mm Nom. (12 x 94mm
fin.) 87mm Face Western Red Cedar Shiplap[edit]From: £7.02 (Inc. VAT)


19 x 100mm Nom. Knotty Pine
TGV FSC Mix Credit[edit]From: £3.25£2.93 (Inc. VAT)



19 x 100mm Nom. Knotty Pine
TGV Bundle 5/2.1m FSC Mix Credit[edit]From: £35.52 (Inc. VAT)


19 x 100mm Nom. Knotty Pine
TGV Bundle 5/2.4m FSC Mix Credit[edit]From: £40.31 (Inc. VAT)


12 x 100mm Nom. Knotty Pine
TGV Bundle 7/2.4m FSC Mix Credit[edit]From: £32.66 (Inc. VAT)


16 x 125mm Nom. Single Bead
& Butt Bundle 5/2.4m FSC Mix Credit[edit]From: £40.50 (Inc. VAT)


The majority of Western Red Cedar cladding used in the UK is imported.
However, the southern forests of the UK also have favourable growing conditions
for the Thuja Plicata tree and it is available in commercial quantities from a
number of sustainably managed sources.

British Western Red Cedar is the
ideal choice for those where either budget is a deciding factor or you value a
locally grown low carbon footprint product.

British Western Red Cedar cladding
offers the same durability and ease of working as its Canadian counterpart,
although does present a more rustic, knotty finish that is paler and more even
in colour.

Ease of sourcing, immediacy of
dispatch and consistency of price also favour British Western Red Cedar.

The attractiveness of Canadian
Western Red Cedar is its completely clear finish (i.e. no knots and smooth
grain), although limited availability of supply, exchange rate fluctuation and
the distance travelled to import all make it significantly more expensive than
British. What’s more, the cost of Canadian will continue to rise whereas the
price of the British alternative will remain low and stable in comparison.

So, in summary, British Western Red
Cedar would be the best choice for your cladding project if:

You value a local, British grown, low
carbon impact product

Budget is a deciding factor

You are looking for a consistent,
paler colour across all boards

You do not want a patchy look whilst
your Cedar weathers

You want character in your cladding
– i.e. knots and grain to show that it is a natural product

Technical information

Family nameCupressaceae
Species nameThuja plicata
Species groupSoftwoods
Common nameBritish Western Red Cedar
OriginWell-maintained, sustainable
forests in England and Wales
UseExterior cladding
ColourA uniform colour palette of pink
and amber hues, silvering with age if untreated
AgeNew growth forests 50-100 years old
Durability3 – moderately durable
A discounted 14mm option is available on request
Tiga Wood

We have developed and
launched Tiga wood, an innovative burnt larch eco friendly cladding which has
many advantages over other heat modified cladding products on the market:

FSC Certified
– Very low carbon footprint
– Produced from locally grown selected British Larch
– Very Durable
– Minimal weathering and maintenance
– Colour and degree of burn can be adjusted to suit requirements
– Can be brushed or left charred at customer’s option
– Coated with natural Danish Oil to seal in carbonised surface
– Any quantity or size produced to order

see below the three main finishes we produce

Tiga Wood Cladding  Charred
and Danish Oiled

Tiga Wood
Seared Cladding

Tiga Wood Cladding takes a timber with a strong grain
pattern, usually British Larch, and sees the surface lightly-charred by hand to
vividly bring out the grain detail.

The cladding is made to order and so
the level of charring can be varied if required.

Tiga Wood Cladding is lightly hand-charred, wire
brushed and then sealed with Danish Oil.

Click to choose a Tiga Wood profile

Durable and low maintenance
Thermowood® cladding

is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce to temperatures in
excess of 200 degrees centigrade. During the heat treatment, chemical and
structural changes occur within the timber which alter and improve some of its
basic characteristics. The resulting product is an altogether more durable and
stable timber, an ideal cladding material for use in exposed areas such as
external walls.

Visual quality

The colour of
ThermoWood-D (pine) is affected by the treatment temperature and time. The
higher the temperature, the darker the appearance.

ThermoWood® cladding profiles

Top of


Timber Focus 20 x 118mm
ThermoWood® Channel Cladding Profile provides bold shadow lines and and
interesting look.

Timber Focus Recommended Finish – Sansin SDF
ThermoWood looks best in one of these colour tones…
Suede | Banff

At a glance

Thermally modified wood providing
enhanced stability, less shrinkage, swelling, cupping and distortion

Attractive deep brown tones

PEFC Certified

The finest ThermoWood® in the
industry – created from strict and specific mill requirements for high quality
and consistency

Please ensure when ordering that you make an allowance for wastage. We
recommend adding an additional 10-15% over and above your initial requirements.

Bottom of

Please click images to view

ThermoWood® Cladding –
Thermally Modified Wood

Timber Focus’s commitment to
supplying consistent and high quality timber products is reflected in our
latest cladding material – ThermoWood®. Our extensive supply network
has led us to source the finest ThermoWood® available, from one
of the world’s leading producers of this innovative timber product.

ThermoWood® is
produced using a chemical-free natural process. By heat treating only the
finest Scandinavian Redwood to enhance the chemical and physical properties of
the timber, ThermoWood® Cladding offers an exceptional cladding material
with outstanding durability, stability and insulation characteristics.

Along with enhanced physical
properties, the treatment also results in an attractive, consistent, deep brown
tone for a beautiful appearance. Due to it’s stability, ThermoWood®  also
takes and retains finish well, allowing for translucent or solid colour stains
to be applied to create unique and striking buildings.

Suitable for commercial and
residential buildings, ThermoWood® Channel Cladding meets the
requirements of Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350), carries European Standard CE
Mark certification and is recognised by the Building Research Establishment
(BRE) which endorses a 30 year service life when used for cladding.

There are seven standard ThermoWood-D
pine cladding profiles to choose from as well as a range of special order ThermoWood®
pine and spruce profiles.

30 year service life

Uncoated ThermoWood-D (pine) exterior
cladding can provide a 30-year desired service life. This calculation is based
on a number of conditions including: the quality of the workmanship at the time
of installation, and the exposure of cladding to the weather including location,
elevation and design. If coated, over the life of the product, ThermoWood-D
will have a 60-year desired service life, providing the coating is maintained
in-line with the coating manufacturer recommendations over the service life of
the product*.


The timber used to produce
ThermoWood® is grown in our own Finnish forests which are fully certified under
the Finnish Forestry Certification System and Pan European Forestry
Certification. As such you can be sure ThermoWood® is sourced from well managed
and sustainable forests. The heat treatment process requires no chemical
additives. The improved performance is achieved simply by the controlled
application of heat and steam.


beautiful, sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat
and steam. Thermal modification improves the wood’s properties, thereby
expanding the range of applications in which the wood can be
used. Thermowood is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin
free. It can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate.  Lunawood is an
non-toxic natural product which is easy to machine and install.

hermo ayous: features &

For outdoor applications with wood,
hardwood is often used, because it is very durable. But did you know that
thermowood ayous is an equally good and even cheaper option? Thanks to a
special technique, this softwood is resistant to the weather. In this article
you will discover more about the properties, prices, placement and applications
of thermo ayous.

What is thermowood ayous exactly?

Thermowood ayous is a tropical
softwood species that has the same durability as tropical hardwood species
(padouk, afromosia, afzelia, …). Thermo ayous is a cheaper alternative to
tropical hardwood, which has become scarcer and therefore very expensive in
recent years.

It is therefore not surprising that
thermo ayous – and thermowood in general – is gaining popularity. Ayous is a
white kind of deciduous tree that originates from West Africa. It is the more
commercial name for Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum .

This is not a sustainable type of
wood by nature. Because ayous has an open cell structure, however, it can be
perfectly thermally preserved by means of a treatment with steam or heat. The
wood is heated up to 215 ° Celsius. In this way thermowood ayous is more
resistant to moisture and will remain maintenance-free for decades.

Would you like to have work carried
out with thermowood ayous? Through our online quotation service you can get in
touch with different craftsmen and receive tailor-made quotations. That way you
can easily compare prices and choose the best proposal. This service is
completely free and without obligation.

Properties of ayous thermowood

Ayous thermo looks in fact the same
as tropical hardwood: it has the same soft, inconspicuous structure with patterns of long lines .
The wood is nicely smooth and, unlike pine thermowood, has no ‘knots’ (faults in the wood structure).

After ayous wood has been treated, it
has a nice brown and warm appearance. Not so long after that, the wood turns
into a golden yellow color, and then gradually becomes gray evenly (just like
tropical hardwood). Do you prefer to keep the original color? Then you can
possibly treat the wood with stain or varnish. Below are some other
specifications of ayous thermowood:

Ayous thermowood has a good
insulating effect (0.09 W / mK)

The wood will hardly shrink or
expand; the shape stability is great

The wood is treated in an
ecologically responsible manner, without the addition of chemicals or corrosive

Thermo ayous belongs to durability
class 1-2 (same lifespan as hardwood)

The material has a low volume mass,
which is handy for façade cladding

Ayous thermowood is easy to machine,
both mechanically and by hand (thanks to the uniform structure)

No risk of cracks or rot

Durawood, thermowood ash hardwood

American Ash


This attractive and versatile
material is produced by Thermory,
the leading producer of thermally modified Ash.

Established in 1997 and based in
Estonia, Thermory have over 15 years experience in perfecting the thermal
modification of American Ash.

The end result is a beautiful
material, rich in colour and distinctive grain, with all the advantages of
thermal modification.

Using modern Scandinavian kilning
technology, American Ash is pre-dried, heated (215°C for “INTENSE” thermal
modification) and re-moisturised to prevent brittleness.

The process uses only heat and water
and is completely chemical free with the energy for the kilns being generated
from wood waste. The American Ash is fully FSC certified, achieving the highest
environmental standards.

of thermal modification

Thermal modification brings many

One of the main advantages with the
thermal modification of American Ash is to convert a “non-durable” species into
a product that achieves durability Class 1, the same classification as some
tropical species such as Teak or Ipe (see test reports below)

Increased stability results from the
process making Thermory Ash resistant to temperature and humidity variations.
It has reduced permeability and increased insulation properties, limiting the expansion
and contraction and improving the performance of the timber in service.

Unlike an “envelope” chemical
treatment Thermory Ash is treated right through to the core, allowing the
material to be cut, drilled and planed like ordinary wood, but without
affecting the durability or stability. In fact the working properties are
greatly improved due to the removal of the resins.

The appearance is changed
dramatically, turning the Ash a rich walnut brown colour with a highly
attractive grain figure.


Thermory Ash makes a very attractive
deck for both residential and commercial use.

Available in 20mm and 26mm
thicknesses and 132mm and 160mm widths. (150mm width is available to special

The “TENI” clip system avoids the
need for unsightly face fixings and also provides improved air circulation
around the deck boards. Also the “TENI” clip system allows for the removal and
replacement of a single board, should this ever be necessary, without the need
to disturb the rest of the deck. The deck boards are structurally jointed on
their ends and push together allowing a continuous laying of the board without
the need to joint the boards over a joist. This reduces the length wastage to
practically zero.

Oiling of Thermory Ash is optional,
and recommended if the original colour is to be prolonged.

Thermory Ash is suitable to use
without oiling and its durability will be unaffected. However, as with all
timbers it will naturally turn to a silver grey colour with exposure to UV.


20 x 132 “Karakum Intense Ash”
Shrink wrapped Installation pack containing
1pcs 2.7m, (1pc 1.5m + 1pc 1.2m) (1pc 1.8m+1pc0.9m), 1pc 2.7m
End matched for continuous laying
10.8 linear metres = 1.49m3 laid coverage
Pack weight 16.8Kg

20 x 150 “Karakum Intense Ash”
Available to special order

26 x 160 “Karakum Intense Ash”
Shrink wrapped Installation pack containing
1pcs 2.7m, (1pc 1.5m + 1pc 1.2m) (1pc 1.8m+1pc0.9m), 1pc 2.7m
End matched for continuous laying
10.8 linear metres = 1.82m3 laid coverage
Pack weight 26.5Kg

TENI clip
20mm clip and screw – box of 100
26mm clip and screw – box of 100

26 x 145 Calibrated blank
Suitable for machining bespoke profiles.
Lengths – 0.8m to 3.6m according to requirements

of Thermory Ash decking

Please refer to the Installation
guide below for full guidance on the correct installation of your deck.

Quick Tips

Set joists at 400mm centres
Avoid ground contact of the deck boards and allow air circulation within the
If face fixing always pre-drill and countersink
Use stainless steel screws
Seal cut ends
Oil upon installation if you would like to prolong the colour. Maintain


Species: American Ash – Fraxinus
Thermal Modification: Intense – Maximum temperature 215° C
Durability: CEN/TS 15083-1/2005 Annex D: Class 1 – Very Durable
Density: Average 590 kg/m3
Hardness: Average 29.4 HB (N/mm2)
Bending Strength: Average 96.6 N/mm2
Equilibrium Moisture: 7.9%
Environmental: FSC Chain of custody

Pressure Treated Softwood Decking

About Timber Focus Timber’s Pressure Treated Softwood Decking

Timber decking is an affordable way
to transform your garden into a stunning outdoor space. Treated timber decking
boards not only look amazing, it also fits ideally into any garden without
looking artificial. Our pressure treated softwood decking comes as a grooved
decking board on one face and smooth on the other, so its reversible. To
maximise the lifespan of the wooden decking, it is treated with preservative to
prevent rot and insect infestation, so your tantalised timber decking will last
for a long time.

Here at Timber Focus we have Huge
stocks of external timber decking and are one of the biggest decking suppliers
in the UK and Ireland. Our decking timber comes in various lengths ranging from
2.4mtrs up to 4.8mtrs, we can also supply decking frame timber and joists,
which is the base your timber decking sits on.

Our Customer service team are on hand
to give advice and guidance and also supply you with a competitive quote for
your timber decking and accessories.

Top of

Bottom of

Decking – Cambridge Decking 20.5 x 95mm


Decking – Canterbury Decking 27 x 144mm


Decking – Canterbury Decking 27 x 144mm Colour Wash Autumn Brown


Decking – Canterbury Decking 27 x 144mm Colour Wash Pebble Grey


Decking – Lunawood Thermowood Decking 26 x 117mm


Decking – Multi – Purpose Board 44 x 95mm


Decking – Multi- Purpose Board 27 x 95mm


Decking – Multi-Purpose Board 33 x 120mm


Decking – Q grip strip Anti-slip insert


Decking – Q-Grip Canterbury Style Anti-slip Decking


Decking – Q-Grip Canterbury Style Pre-cut step tread

Decking – Winchester Decking 27 x 144mm


Decking – York Decking 33 x 120mm



Timber Focus Limited are one of the UK’s leading hardwood decking
suppliers that offer a nationwide delivery service that
covers all areas of mainland UK.

We have extensive on-site production
facilities to enable the machining and
finishing of our range of decking products from mainly domestic
timber. We also offer home grown timber treated

Products & Outdoor Decking

Quality Decking offers a
comprehensive range of superior timber products and quality garden and outdoor
decking products, including softwood and hardwood decking boards, balustrades,
screens, cladding and decking sub-frames.

Superior Timber Decking

Our timber is of extremely high
quality, and pre- treated with a preservative to provide peace of mind for our
customers. We also offer a 15-year warranty against decay and insect attack. We
provide superior timber deck flooring alongside other high quality timber
products such as sawn and planed sleepers, deck stair strings, fixings, and
related care products.

Buy Decking Online or Instore

You can order Quality Decking
products online through one of our distributors, or by visiting one of the many
Quality Decking stockists located throughout the UK. Whilst our wood deck
products are manufactured to the very highest standards, using FSC or PEFC
certified sustainable timber, our decking prices remain highly

Softwood Decking

Timber Agents, Brokers &
Wholesalers – Decking Suppliers

We offer Kiln Dried, Softwood
Pressure Treated Decking boards from our Swedish mills, Baltic Mills. Good
merchantable grade decking boards machined from Vth Redwood. Higher quality Vth
and better material available upon request and to suit the market place that
the decking will be directed towards.

Decking Board Sizes

Ex 38mm x 125mm

Ex 32mm x 150mm

Ex 32mm x 125mm

Ex 25mm x 100mm

Full loads offered in 50m3 – 60m3,
lengths 3.0m – 5.4m, packed to length.

Decking Board Profiles

Grooved / Castle


Smooth planed

In all above profiles boards may be
reversible with dual profile.

Bespoke profiles available.

Currently available excellent quality
Scandinavian Vth Softwood Decking (max 10% 6ths) production available for
prompt shipment in full, half and quarter loads:-

32mm x 125mm (27mm x 120mm finish) –
2.4m – 5.4m lengths only £205m3 (full load) – £210m3 (half load) – £215m3
(quarter load)

32mm x 150mm (27mm x 145mm finish) –
2.4m – 5.4m lengths only £205m3 (full load) – £210m3 (half load) – £215m3
(quarter load)

Sustainable Timber

We are members of the Timber Trade
Federation’s ‘Responsible
Purchasing Policy’ and committed to sourcing
materials from legal, well managed, sustainable sources.

You can view our current TTF
Responsible Purchasing Certificate here.

Decking (84mm x 19mm)

The more you buy of this product, the cheaper the price! Spending over £100
will also qualify you for free delivery to most of the UK!

Wood or timber “decking” can be used in a number of ways, as part of
garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, and as an alternative to
stone based features such as patios.

Why buy this decking?

Discount decking boards are manufactured to offer a fantastic value board
without sacrificing quality. This board is finished with a simplistic castle
top profile which is pleasing to the eye.

All our Softwood Decking Boards have been pressure treated to help protect the
timbers against rot & decay.

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the site you agree to this.Learn more about cookies and
how to manage them here.

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Free delivery
on orders over £50Restrictions apply

45 day
returns policy


Outdoor &



Decking can be built to any design
and specification which makes it a versatile garden material. Building a raised
deck over uneven ground will create more useful space for you to enjoy. Make a
feature of your favourite spot in the garden or extend your living space with a
decked dining area right outside your back door.

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Decking can be built to any design
and specification which makes it a versatile garden material. Building a raised
deck over uneven ground will create more useful space for you to enjoy. Make a
feature of your favourite spot in the garden or extend your living space with a
decked dining area right outside your back door.

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Decking Accessories (50)

Decking Boards (26)

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Decking Tiles (8)

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Nevou Premium
Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5


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Natural green
Deck board (T)20mm (W)95mm (L)2400mm of 5


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Softwood Deck board (T)28mm (W)120mm (L)2100mm, Pack of 5



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Madeira Value Deck board (T)24mm (W)120mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5



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Nevou Premium
Brown Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5



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Trex® Torino
brown Composite Deck board (T)24mm (W)140mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 4



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Trex® Chateau
grey Composite Deck board (T)24mm (W)140mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 4



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Madeira Value
Brown Deck board (T)24mm (W)120mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5


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Blooma Nevou
Premium UC4 Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 5

Was £50


Save £2

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Moroccan red Composite Deck board (T)24mm (W)140mm (L)2400mm, Pack of 4



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Blooma Nevou
Premium Brown Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm



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Blooma Nevou
Premium Brown Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)4800mm



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Blooma Nevou
Premium Brown Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)3600mm



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Blooma Nevou
Premium Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)4800mm



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Trex® Chateau
grey Composite Deck board (T)24mm (W)140mm (L)2400mm


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Blooma Nevou
Premium Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)3600mm



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Blooma Green
Softwood Deck board (T)20mm (W)95mm (L)2400mm



£15.35 per M2

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Nevou Premium
Softwood Deck board (T)28mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm



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Madeira Value Softwood Deck board (T)24mm (W)120mm (L)2400mm



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Madeira Value Brown Softwood Deck board (T)24mm (W)120mm (L)2400mm



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Blooma Nevou
Premium UC4 Softwood Deck board (T)27mm (W)144mm (L)2400mm



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Softwood Deck board (T)28mm (W)144mm (L)2100mm, Pack of 5



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Softwood Deck board (T)24mm (W)120mm (L)2400mm

Was £13 £9


Save £8

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Blooma Impregnated
green Softwood Clippable Deck corner (T)73mm (W)195mm (L)195mm, Pack of 4


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Marque Fnsr
Blooma Green Spruce Clippable Deck Tile

This is a
Heavy duty & large format board, it is very easy to lay on on all-terrain
packed soil The openwork plastic base support allows a good water evacuation
The screws are galvanized & invisible Has Class 3 impregnation
Certification number: BV/CdC/6009105 How to use:It is recommended that a …

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running kit, (L)2400mm (W)250mm Kit

This running
kit is designed to be used with the Starter Kit (sold separately) to add
further length to your decking balustrade Contents – Pack Contents: 2 x 2.4m
Modern Hand/Base Rails, 1 x Modern Deck Posts, 16 x 32mm Modern Spindles
Guarantee – 1 year

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Impregnated green Softwood Clippable Deck corner (T)73mm

This item is
very easy to lay on on all-terrain packed soil No tools, joists or screws are
required The screws are galvanized & invisible Has Class 3 impregnation
Certification number: BV/CdC/6009105

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Blooma Nevou
Premium Brown Softwood Deck board (T)27mm

softwood decking, grooved on both sides giving you the option to frame your
deck with different textures This decking should be laid onto treated deck
joists on joist centres of no more than 400mm. If laying diagonally the maximum
joist centres should be 300mm. It is important to seal …

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Prices Direct To The Public

No Nonsense Quality Decking, Fencing,
Sheds and more!
Best Value P Timber Focus is one of the UK’s leading garden decking suppliers.
Your home has a room many of us hardly ever use; a room in which you can
entertain friends, spend time with family or take five minutes at the end of
the day to relax and unwind. That room is your garden. It is a place that can
say just as much about you as your home does – as long as you use the
right decking.

Timber Focus offers a range of
quality decking products that give you more scope to create the kind of
surroundings you really want. Whether it’s for a yard, terrace or city rooftop,
our decking boards are ideal for domestic and commercial applications

The right timber deck will transform
how you think about your outdoor space and how much you and others enjoy it. A
deck built from Timeless Timber products will do this and more. For added peace
of mind, Timeless decking is DeckMark™ approved and Timeless enhanced grip
decking is DeckMark™+ approved.

easi decking boards

Our easi deck boards are machined to
a grooved profile from quality timber. They are high pressure preservative
treated with Tanalith® E to make sure they cope with the British climate for
years to come.

Timeless decking

Classically appealing and infinitely
versatile, our Timeless decking is wax treated and water repellent. The deck’s
properties actively slow down water absorption and evaporation and ensure

Enhanced grip decking

As long-lasting as it is stylish,
Timeless enhanced grip decking offers the scope to create great surroundings
and is perfect for an array of projects where slip resistance is required.

Brushwood decking

Our decorative brushwood decking is
inspired by the Japanese process of Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding, which we have enhanced by
using a brushing process, followed by treatment, to create a unique and
beautiful surface.


Timber Focus  Decking is made from slow-grown timber,
and kiln-dried to make it less likely to split or twist.


Composite decking will transform your
outside living space and give it a real wow factor. It’s hardwearing, has been
rigorously tested and comes with a 25-year guarantee, with no need to stain,
seal or sand it.


Timber Focus  has everything to help you build a
quality Decking area in your garden.

Timber Decking gives a traditional
decking look, or give your garden a more modern look, with our composite
decking, which comes in Grey, Black or Brown in narrow and wide boards

Make the perfect social area in your
garden with our range of decking products including timber balustrades and
hardwood decking boards.

We supply timber and composite decking boards in various lengths to help you
build the perfect deck. If a simple, ready-made deck is required, try a decking
kit. These are ideal for placing in a sunny corner of your garden to create a
spot for relaxing or entertaining. Our kits are simple to install and ready to
be laid directly onto an existing patio or concrete base.

Look out for our non slip decking boards to protect your family from accidents
during wet weather.

At Timber Focus we work with you on
the large and small Project Timber, we
pride ourselves on offering a wide range of great timber products for your big project
Timber  … Buy only what you need

rice For over 30 years we have been
the leading suppliers of decking in the UK. Stocking everything you need to
deck your garden, patio, balcony, or caravan.

From our head office and showroom in
Glasgow to our distribution centre in Yorkshire. We are set up to deliver to
trade and home improvement enthusiasts nationwide.

Build a tailored made composite or
timber decking kit. With our decking calculator, it’s easy. Add your required
sizes and height of the ground. We work out the frame, including all joists,
posts, supports. Packaging the lot into a straightforward kit. Including all
the screws, nails and instructions you need to put it all together. Delivered
throughout the UK.

Complete the look with our range of
glass and wood handrails, stain and oils, and deck furniture.

s D Dura Deck is a low maintenance, eco-friendly
alternative to traditional timber decking

Whilst timber has traditionally been
used for decking, the emergence of composite timber has delivered a host of
advantages over traditional materials and has led it to become the number one
choice for landscapers, architects and specifiers looking for an attractive but
future-proof solution. Strong and durable, Dura Deck composite decking looks and
feels just like natural wood, but provides a longer-lasting solution that is
environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Dura Deck is manufactured from a
unique combination of wood and plastic and our highly developed unique
composition combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability
of an engineered composite. It results in a vibrant, long-lasting colour which
will never rot, warp or splinter and does not require staining, treating or

Unlike traditional timber, WPC
decking boards (further information about WPC
decking) require only basic cleaning; the
product still looks new after years of use and remains cost-effective
throughout its lifecycle, requiring only an occasional wash and scrub to keep
it looking at its best. Composite wood plastic decking also handles heat and
weathering extremely well, being UV stable as well as resistant to the impact
of moisture, mould and algae.

As well as saving both time and money
through easy installation and low maintenance, our composite decking boards are
also an eco-friendly option. Made from an innovative blend of up to 87%
recycled hardwood and plastics, Dura Deck helps to conserve the earth’s
resources whilst reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. In fact, Dura
Composites was the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100%
certified, further positioning us as a global pioneer in the world of composite

e A choice of eight great

All boards are available
in eight attractive colours – Ivory, Redwood, Olive Green, Teak,
Coffee, Charcoal, Light Grey and Stone Grey.

The manufacturing process results in
a high level of colour consistency although some variation in colour may be
apparent across boards from different production batches.

The anti-UV agent helps the boards to
resist colour fade however some fading will occur but this should be no more
than to give your deck an attractive
weathered look to areas that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Timber Focus is a UK market leading supplier of composite decking, cladding and
associated outdoor products. Timber Focus  UK offers a contemporary range of high
quality and eco-friendly composite products to both residential and
commercial clients throughout the UK and Europe. Our range of Clarity and Forma
composite decking, cladding and outdoor products are designed to provide customers
with a long lasting, low maintenance, composite
decking & composite
outdoor products to the gardens of the

th The UK’s
leading manufacturer of design-flexible timber panel systems for large
commercial projects covering: External cladding, ceilings/ soffits and acoustic
panelling.Timber Focus’s systems are designed to provide considerable
reductions in waste and installation time when delivering large timber areas
and are pre-fabricated in a factory environment using secret fixings, further
enhancing the durability and aesthetics of timber. Design-flexible panels
bridge the gap between bespoke and off-the-shelf by allowing architects to
specify any timber, size and additional treatment, creating endless design
possibilities.Timber Focus also offer full design and installation services as
standard with any panel system. Minimum project sizes: External: 400 m²;
Internal: 150 m². SSF Class 0 and 1 (Euro class B and C) systems, acoustic
systems Class A–D and UV colour resistant timber systems. ISO 9001

Procurement at EA

Details of our purchasing
arrangements and information for those looking to become a supplier or contractor
to the Environment Agency.

. Timber

the UK’s largest timber importer, our network ensures a readily available
supply of outstanding timber for tradesmen nationwide. Our range has increased
and our stocking policy has improved to ensure satisfaction when ordering.

Focus timber comes from certified ‘chain of custody’ sources, approved by the
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Forest
Stewardship Council ®, and conforms to strict guidelines on sustainability as part
of our commitment to dependable supply.

range includes sheet materials like plywood, chipboard, MDF and OSB. We carry
PSE timber, treated timber, sawn joinery and carcassing, hardwood and softwood
mouldings, and we’re able to provide bespoke solutions for all projects.

can arrange bulk deliveries to your site, technical support (like visual
strength grading), milling and treatment services, and offer expert advice with
reference to a network of designers and manufacturers of engineered timber.

Timber Focus are leading
hardwood timber suppliers located in Manchester. We have years of experience
milling, kilning, machining, and strength grading hardwood timbers. With our
onsite stocks of timber and machining facilities, we can quickly turnaround orders
for nationwide delivery.

Timber Focus Wood experts

Timber Focus are the Wood experts is
now the “go-to” organisation for all that’s best in wood knowledge:
combining high quality technical knowledge on Timber and Wood-Based Products
and Processes with many years of real-world practical experience in solving
problems and putting things right.

Timber Focus are Wood experts and provide
Technical and Training Solutions for the Timber and Construction industries. We
are an independent consultancy practice founded and run by an experienced Wood
Scientist and technical building consultant.

Timber Focus experts  can provide all the help you need to
solve any technical timber problems, or meet training requirements for your

offer timber consultancy services to a wide range of clients involved in the
wood products and construction industry, as well as lawyers, insurance
companies and the police involved with forensic investigations.

Witness Service

Acting as an Expert Witness in litigious cases, our
timber experts are conversant with the requirements of CPR 35 and have gained a
broad experience in preparing legal reports (both as single and SJE
instructions) dealing with solicitors, counsel and giving evidence in

The Complete Solution

Scandinavian Timber  supply was established over 25 years ago
to bring the best of Scandinavian design to the UK construction market. With a
wide product range we aim to provide our clients with a complete solution
designing, supplying and installing curtain walling, windows and doors.

Timber Focus supplies South
London with timber is now recognised as a leading direct importer of the
highest quality timber products and sheet materials from certified resources
worldwide. As importers we take very seriously our environmental duties, and so
we have now achieved full FSC® Certification meaning that most of the materials
we hold in stock are from sustainable sources or from companies with similar
environmental policies, and as importers the benefits of cheaper prices are
passed on to you the customer. We offer other expert services such as machined
to specification hardwoods, joinery softwoods, expertly cut to size sheet
materials, doors and frames and would be pleased to quote on any requirements
you should have.

T H E R M O W O O D = W O O D + B A K I N G + S T E A M W O O D W O R K I N G W I T H S T Y L E

Timber Focus Supplies a number of species that have been thermally modified to enhance their durability and aesthetics with the use of Heat – Thermowoods. We are leading thermowood suppliers to merchants, construction and joinery companies. We have a large customer base for modular and garden building manufacturers. We supply thermowood or heat treated timber in various forms of decking, cladding (TGV, PMV, Shiplap) and sawn timber.

We supply thermowood redwood and thermowood Ayous which is a clear and durable alternative species for western red cedar. Please contact us for samples

Thermowood  or thermal treatment is a wood modification method of using heat / high temperatures and steam to increase the number of properties e.g  the durability against wood destroying fungi, dimensional stability and aesthetic appearance of timber products. 

It is considered an environmentally friendly way of wood treatment as no chemicals are added during this process. The level and intensity of heat determine the number of properties e.g the biological durability level against wood destroying organisms e.g fungi of the timber, the tone/shade of the wood and the stability and helping determine the appropriate application of the thermally modified timber.

Using heat for Thermal Modification has been known to have existed since the Viking period but has recently become very popular with large-scale commercial production plants being set up in the last 10-15 years across the globe mainly in Scandinavia and Estonia.

The process is used to enhance the durability, stability of timber products for a number of applications e.g decking boards, floorings, garden decking,  timber cladding, wood shingles saunas, hot tubs for both internal and external applications. We have seen the rise in hardwoods and more clear high-quality thermowoods being commercially readily available. There has been the rise of factory finished prepainted and fire retardant treated thermowoods or thermally treated timber.

Some of the leading brands of thermal modification include thermowood D, thermowood S, Thermory, Lunawood, Abodo Vulcan.A number of major producers such as Thermory and VTT /YTI in cooperation with the Finnish wood product industry have developed industrial scale heat-treatment process for wood. The ThermoWood process developed by VTT is licensed to the members of the International Thermowood Association. 

Not all reputable brands of thermal modified wood or thermowood prioducts are produced by members of the the thermowood assocaiton ,we have some of the largest quality brands thermo treated timber alone organsiations. These independent products have produced some of the most diverse and innovative  thermal treated timber products with some of the highest certifcation standards and test data with  their perfromance verified by independent test laboratories.

Common Thermowood Species

Species of thermal  or heat treated wood we supply  include;

Ayous, Frake pine (Pinus sylvestris), spruce (Picea abies), birch (Betula pendula), and aspen (Populus tremula). In addition, some experience has been gained in the treatment of Radiata pine (Pinus radiata), ash (Fraxinus excelsior), larch (Larix sibirica), alder (Alnus glutinosa), beech (Fagus silvativa), and eucalyptus.

Heat treatment is can be undertaken on a number of species, but every species needs to be treated individually to its specific program to get the correct results and performance.

There are differences between wood species in terms of annual growth, wood cells, wood pores, the num ber of chemical components, etc. Moreover, different wood species have different  characteristics and properties e.g fibre length properties:  softwoods feature a wide distribution in fibre length compared with hardwoods which on average have much shorter fibre length and less variance. Download PDF

Thermowood Environmental Aspects

ThermoWood or thermal modified / heat treated timber is a natural wood product without any chemicals additives. ThermoWood waste can be handled as with any other untreated wood waste. The material is bio-degradable and can be disposed of at the end of its service life by either burning or placing into the normal waste system. In most cases energy needed for the ThermoWood process is produced by burning wood biomass fuels. Additional energy is provided with solutions such as natural gas. Energy is needed mainly for drying, which accounts for 80 percent of the heat energy used. The production of ThermoWood consumes about the same amount of electricity as is used in normal kiln drying of sawn timber. Most of the large-scale producers are in Europe and will tend to supply timber that is Certified either FSC or PEFC and conforming to the EUTR it is always important to check environmental certification.

Thermowood Process

Wood Moisture Content

Treatment can be undertaken with either green or dried wood. In any case, the wood is dried until absolutely dry in the first phase of the treatment. Drying is the longest phase in the heat-treatment process. Green wood contains water in two forms: free water in cell lumens and bound water in cell walls. During drying, some of the water in the cell lumens travels via capillaries in the direction of the grain due to surface tension and steam pressure differences. If the pores between one cell lumen and another enable its free travel, water can travel several meters. Otherwise, capillary drying reaches only a few cells from the ends of the wood. The great majority of the water is removed by diffusion through the cell walls in the form of steam. This occurs through the cell lumens perpendicular to the grain.

There are number of patented systems that are use in thermal modification but most tend to follow a similar pattern sequence The processs or stages involved in thermowood or thermal modification include;

Temperature increase and kiln drying


The air temperature in the kiln is raised at a rapid speed using heat and steam to a level of around 100 °C, the wood temperature follows at a similar level. Thereafter the temperature is increased steadily to 130 °C and drying takes place. Either green (un kilned) or ready kiln dried raw material can be used. Steam is used as a vapour membrane to prevent cracking of the wood. The steam also facilitates chemical changes taking place in the wood. At the end of this phase the moisture content is reduced to almost zero.

Intensive heat treatment


During the intensive heat treatment phase the air and wood temperature is increased to a level of between 185 – 225 °C. The peak temperature depends on the desired end use of the material. When the target level is reached the temperature remains constant for 2 – 3 hours. Steam is used to prevent the wood from burning and cracking and it also continues to influence the chemical changes taking place in the wood.

Cooling and moisture conditioning


The temperature is reduced using water spray systems. Conditioning and re-moisturising takes place to bring the wood moisture content to a workable level over 4 percent.

Thermowood Process

What determines the quality of thermal modified timber ? An number of properties of timber are enhanced / increased or reduced during the thermal modification process. Such as:


1. Density

The density is measured by measuring the weight and the dimensions of the sample. The unit of density is kg/m3. The ThermoWood process reduces the density by about 10 % on average.
2. Strength

Generally the strength of wood has direct correlation with density. The ThermoWood process slightly lowers the density and therefore some effects on the strength values occur, but weight-strength-value can be practically unchanged.
Bending strength and modulus of elasticity, Material treated at temperatures below 200 °C does not experience a significant loss in bending strength. A clear reduction in horizontal bending strength can be found in material treated at temperatures above 200 °C. The ThermoWood process has been found to maintain or even slightly improve the modulus of elasticity. At this stage it is recommended that ThermoWood is NOT used for horizontal load bearing structural usage.
Compression strength, The Compression strength is mainly dependent on the actual density of wood. According to tests it is has been found that the ThermoWood process has no significant effect on the compression strength values.
Splitting strength,The ThermoWood process can cause some reduction in the splitting strength depending on treatment temperature, the reduction increases as the temperature goes over 200 °C.
Screw holding strength, The screw holding strength has a strong correlation with density. The main effect on screw holding strength comes from the general variance in wood density rather than from the ThermoWood process. It was found that material with lower density has better results when narrower pre-drilled holes are used.
Surface Hardness The ThermoWood process has limited effects on the Brinell hardness properties, variance is more related to the density and the wood species being used.

4. Equilibrium moisture content

The ThermoWood process leads to a reduction in equilibrium moisture content. When treated at the highest temperatures the equilibrium moisture content can be 40-50 percent lower compared to untreated wood.
5. Stability

Because of lower equilibrium moisture content and the changes in the chemical composition of the wood the tangential and radial swelling decreases significantly compared with the original material. In some cases the reduction in dimensional movement can be as much as 40-50%.

6. Permeability

The ThermoWood process reduces the water uptake of wood, the levels may differ depending on the original wood species.

7. Thermal properties

The tests have shown that the thermal conductivity of ThermoWood is 20 - 25 percent lower compared to untreated wood, thus giving improved insulation performance.

8. Biological durability Standard tests (EN 113, ENV 807)

made in laboratory conditions have proven a significant improvement in biological durability. Improvements in biological durability are a result of the removal of natural food sources in the wood and also changes in the chemical and structural composition. Levels of resistance to fungal decay increase as higher temperatures are used. ThermoWood is recommended to be used in hazard classes 1 to 3 in accordance with EN-335-1 without the need for any further chemical protection. The treatment is throughout the wood piece and is not subject to leaching problems.

9. Weather resistance

As with most materials, ThermoWood is unable to resist the effects of ultra violet radiation. As a result, over a fairly short period of time when exposed to direct sunlight, the colour changes from the original brown appearance to a grey weathered colour. In addition the ultra violet radiation can cause small surface shakes to occur. Natural effects of rain and sun will cause some early wood to be removed from the surface, especially on un-coated boards, this occurs with all wood material over time. It is highly recommended to apply a pigment based surface protection to prevent colour changes and other natural effects of the weather, more information can be found from the Finnish ThermoWood association surface coating handbook.

Summary of the effects of the ThermoWood process on wood properties, by treatment class
Softwoods (pine and spruce) Thermo-S Thermo- D Treatment temperature 190 °C 212 °C Weather resistance + ++ Dimensional stability + ++ Bending strength no change - Colour darkness + + +

Hardwoods (birch and aspen) Thermo-S Thermo- D Treatment temperature 185 °C 200 °C Weather resistance no change + Dimensional stability + + Bending strength no change - Colour darkness + + +

Thermowood Treatment Classes

Two standard treatment classes for softwoods and for hardwoods have been introduced. These classes have been developed to take into account the key characteristics of ThermoWood, standard temperatures have been selected to ensure best overall technical  performance of the final product. The standard treatment classes are named Thermo-S (190°C +/-3°C ) and Thermo-D (212°C +/-3°C ) for softwoods, and hardwoods Thermo-S (185°C +/-3°C ) and Thermo-D (200°C +/-3°C). End use recommendations:

Softwood (pine, spruce)

Thermo-S Thermo-D

- building components - wall and ceiling panels in dry conditions - furniture - garden furniture - door and window components - sauna products - flooring - fascia boards - cladding - shutters

- cladding - fascia boards - exterior joinery - shutters - sound barriers - sauna and bathroom furnishing - decking - garden furniture - other exterior structures

Hardwood (birch, aspen)

Thermo-S Thermo-D

- wall and ceiling panels - furniture - garden furniture - flooring - sauna products

End uses of hardwood Thermo-D products are same as Thermo-S products. The colour is darker because of higher treatment temperature

In addition to standard classes it is possible to produce ThermoWood in higher or lower temperatures for special purposes. Specific treatment levels can be agreed between the ThermoWood producers and industrial customers so as to optimise the needed characteristics in relation to the end use application.

Handling and storage of ThermoWood


ThermoWood must be stored in a dry place. Since no special storage temperature is required, cold warehouses are among the suitable locations. The product should be carefully covered or stored in a covered warehouse.

The packages should be stored horizontally with a sufficient number of supports under the packages to prevent the lowest boards from distortion. The packages must be stored so they do not touch the ground

Before use or further working where gluing and/or surface treatment is taking place, the material must be allowed sufficient time for conditioning to the suitable MC and temperature as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. When ThermoWood packages are lifted with a crane, forklift, or similar device, the forks should be adjusted to their maximum distance apart because of the slightly decreased bending strength of the material.

The bundles are not to be opened before use.

 Handling of residual and discarded products

ThermoWood is a natural wood product without any chemicals added to it. When not glued or painted, ThermoWood waste can be handled like any other untreated wood waste.

ThermoWood can be burned. It produces about 30% less energy than untreated wood because the majority of the energy containing extractives has already been removed in the heat-treatment process. ThermoWood burns with a smaller flame and produces less smoke and harmful gases because of the factors mentioned above. Flammability is normally better due to the lower equilibrium moisture content of the wood; i.e., the wood is drier. There is no significant difference between the compounds in smoke from ThermoWood and those in the smoke from normal wood.

Product maintenance

Different surface treatments have different maintenance intervals. The more pigment used, the longer the maintenance interval. However, if opaque paint is used, the original ThermoWood colour and appearance are obscured. As a rule of thumb, pigment-containing transparent surface treatment has a doubled or tripled maintenance interval in comparison to a treatment product without pigment. Furthermore, opaque paints have maintenance intervals twice as long as pigment-containing transparent paints.

The environment and climate have a crucial effect on the life span of a surface treatment. UV radiation from sunlight and moisture are major obstacles that must be surmounted by surface treatment. These factors mean that, for example, the south side of a building needs maintenance more often than the north side. Moreover, buildings in a continental climate have a longer life span for their surface treatment than buildings by the sea.

To ensure maximum performance of coating and avoid damages, the surfaces should be cleaned and checked annually, with any defects repaired immediately. Always refer to the paint manufacturer’s specific maintenance instructions, if available.

 Health and safety

There is no significant difference between the health and safety considerations for ThermoWood and those for normal softwood or hardwood species. There are still two detectable differences: the smell of the material and the dust resulting from the processing of ThermoWood.

ThermoWood has a smoke-like smell, which likely comes from chemical compounds called furfurals. Although the human senses can easily recognise

the smell and it appears stronger than that of untreated wood, the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from ThermoWood are only a fraction of those of normal pine.

There have been no toxic or harmful components found in ThermoWood. It has even been tested as a bone substitute material. However, if a wood splinter penetrates the skin, it should be removed as soon as possible, just as with normal wood.

ThermoWood dust has a smaller particle size than dust from normal softwoods. It is comparable to MDF (although the density is lower) or hardwood dust. The dust can cause problems for people suffering from asthma. For the reasons mentioned above, one has to pay special attention to the utilisation of an appropriate dust extraction system.

If the dust extraction system is not sufficient, a dust mask must be used.

When gluing or painting ThermoWood, always follow the paint or adhesive manufacturers' specific health and safety instructions.


Working Thermowood

1. Sawing Sawing of ThermoWood does not significantly differ from sawing of untreated wood. Due to the stabilisation of the wood after ThermoWood process the effect of further distortion after sawing is reduced. As the resinous substances have been removed during the ThermoWood process, the machines work well and are cleaner after processing.  Good dust extraction systems will be needed when sawing in factories.

2. Planing Standard planing equipment can be used when further processing ThermoWood.  Some care should be taken in the set up of the infeed rollers to reduce the risk of cracking the material. Excellent planed surface quality can be achieved. Best results are achieved when hard metal blade cutters are used. Similar processing parameters to planing hardwoods should be followed. Good dust extractions systems will be needed. More information is available from the Finnish ThermoWood Association planing handbook.

3. Milling In order to get a good surface quality, blades must be sharp, otherwise tearing may occur. Greater tearing is observed when the wood is milled across the grain. The highest risk of tearing occurs at the start and end of the milling. The best results are obtained when there is sufficient solid wood material behind the blade. Processing must be pre-planned carefully.

4. Sanding There is very often no need for sanding, because after planing or milling ThermoWood has an excellent surface quality. Sanding is easy and the sand paper does not become clogged up by resin. When machine sanding, good extraction systems are needed.

5. Surface treatment To prevent colour changes and other natural effects of weathering it is recommended that surface treatment is used. Oil-based substances work well and in a similar way as with untreated wood. When working with water-solvent substances it has to be taken into account that ThermoWood has a lower water absorption rate than normal wood, this can have an effect on drying time and penetration. Results are also dependent on the paint application and drying process. The paint manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. More information can be found from the Finnish ThermoWood Association surface coating handbook.

6. Gluing ThermoWood has a slower water absorption rate, high moisture content glues, such as  PVCa can take longer to dry and longer pressing times may be required. When working with PVCa glue the moisture content of the glue should be as low as possible. Two pack PVCa glues which include a chemical hardener give good results and speed up the drying time significantly. PU (polyurethane) glues work well with ThermoWood. When using PU-glues, it has to be taken into account that the hardening reaction of PU needs water. The water can be absorbed either from the wood or surrounding air. If both wood and air are very dry, gluing may fail. When gluing ThermoWood, the glue manufacturer’s specific instructions must always be referred to.

7. Mechanical joints • Screwing The ThermoWood process can reduce splitting strength of wood. The use of self-tapping screws or pre-drilling of holes must be made to avoid cracking of the material. It is recommended to use low threaded screws. It is very important to use stainless steel screws with countersunk heads for external usage or in other humid environments. • Nailing Best results are gained when using a compressed air nail gun with adjustable nailing depth on the gun. Using a normal hammer increases risk of splitting due to accidental hammer contact with the wood. It is very important to use stainless steel or other rust free nails when fixing ThermoWood outside or in humid conditions. If using a compressed air nail gun, galvanised nails can be used as no metal on metal contact occurs to break the galvanised seal. Galvanised nails are also working, if ThermoWood will be treated with covering paint after nailing. It is also recommended to use small oval head nails as this also helps to reduce the risk of splitting. Additional points when working with ThermoWood: • Sharp tools should be used to achieve best results • The dust has smaller particle size than normal wood. Special attention has to be paid to the dust extraction system and when working in confined spaces dust masks should be used.

List of standards applicable to wood modification

List of standards 

– EN 20 – 1  Wood preservatives. Determination of the protective effectiveness against Lyctus Brunneus (Stephens). Part 1: Application by surface treatment (laboratory method)

– EN 21  Wood preservatives. Determination of the toxic values against Anobium punctatum (De Geer) by larval transfer (Laboratory method) – EN 46  Wood preservatives. Determination of the preventive action against recently hatched larvae of Hylotrupes bajulus (Linnaeus) (Laboratory method)

– EN 47  Wood preservatives. Determination of the toxic values against Hylotrupes bajulus (Linnaeus) larvae (Laboratory method)

– EN 84 Wood preservatives. Accelerated ageing of treated wood prior to biological testing. Leaching procedure

– EN 113  Wood preservatives. Test method for determining the protective effectiveness against wood destroying basidiomycetes. Determination of the toxic values

– EN 117  Wood preservatives. Determination of toxic values against Reticulitermes santonensis de Feytaud (Laboratory method)

– EN 252  Field test method for determining the relative protective effectiveness of a wood preservative in ground contact

– EN 302-2  Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures; test methods; part 2: determination of resistance to delamination (laboratory method)

– EN 335 – 1  Durability of wood and wood-based products - Definition of hazard classes of biological attack - Part 1: General

– EN 335 – 2  Durability of wood and wood-based products - Definition of hazard classes of biological attack - Part 2: Application to solid wood

– EN 350 – 1  Durability of wood and wood-based products. Natural durability of solid wood. Part 1: Guide to the principles of testing and classification of the natural durability of wood

– EN 350 – 2 Durability of wood and wood-based products. Natural durability of solid wood. Part 2: Guide to natural durability and treatability of selected wood species of importance in Europe – EN 392  Glued laminated timber - Shear test glue lines – EN 408  Timber structures. Structural timber and glued laminated timber

EN 927 – 3  Paints and varnishes. Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood. Part 3: Natural weathering test

– EN 927 – 4  Paints and varnishes. Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood. Part 4: Assessment of the water-vapour permeability

– EN 927 – 5  Paints and varnishes. Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood. Part 5: Assessment of the liquid water permeability

– EN 12037  Wood preservatives - Field test method for determining the relative protective effectiveness of a wood preservative exposed out of ground contact - Horizontal lap-joint method – ISO 5660 – 1  Fire tests; reaction to fire; part 1: rate of heat release from building products (cone calorimeter method)  – ISO 6341 Water quality -- Determination of the inhibition of the mobility of Daphnia magna Straus (Cladocera, Crustacea) -- Acute toxicity test

– ASTM D 3273  Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings In an Environmental Chamber

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